80 DOPING TESTS FOR EUROARM 2014 │ 24th European Armwrestling Championships 2014

80 Doping Tests – 24th European Armwrestling Championships 2014 EuroArm

Dopey has excellent news for clean armwrestlers. 🙂

” This year’s European Championships in Azerbaijan will see more restrictive drug testing.
More money – more possibilities.
The Azerbaijan Ministry of Sports and the EAF committee decided to allocate a certain amount of money for drug testing of contestants in this year’s European Championships.
Until now, usually some 40 tests were run, financed by the EAF. This time the numbers will double.
The president of WAF, Assen Hadjitorov, suggested to Igor Mazurenko in a telephone conversation to divide the testing phases thusly:
– Seniors who took 1st and 2nd places, 3rd places randomly; both left and right hand
– Females who took 1st places; 2nd and 3rd places randomly
– Juniors from 1st to 3rd places – randomly
The remaining tests will be divided randomly between men – 3rd places; women – 2nd and 3rd places and juniors from 1 – 3rd places. ” […]
Iza Małkowska

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