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Ievgenii Prudnyk – The best armwrestler of Ukraine in 2013

Ievgenii Prudnyk / Evgeny Prudnik - NEMIROFF WORLD CUP 2013

Evgeny Prudnik wins at NEMIROFF WORLD CUP 2013 │ Photo Source: IronWorld.ru [edited by XSportNews.com]

Original article – armsport.com.ua │ Google Translate:

Best of the best in the Ukrainian Arm wrestling in 2013

Summed up the year sports and selected the best of the best in the Ukrainian Arm wrestling in 2013.

1. The best sportsman of Ukraine armsportu in 2013 recognized Eugene Prudnyk.

Eugene is the only athlete in the world, who in 2013 armsportu scored a hat-trick.

Eugene in 2013, easily won the championship of Ukraine, where in the final at the left and right hands in the category up to 85 kg confidently defeated European champion and world Kharkovian Ruslan Babaev.

At the European Championships in Lithuania Eugene gave battle to twenty European and world champion Rustam Babaev. In a tense, thrilling duel Eugene won brilliant victory, and Rustam Babaev first time in 12 years was defeated.

At the World Championships in Poland Eugene Prudnyk very easily won two gold medals and the World Cup in Poland won a landslide victory over the strongest middleweight world a Russian Khadzhimurat Zoloeva.

2. Best regions of Ukraine on 17 consecutive year was the Kharkiv region. Kharkovites won at World and European championships in 2013, 11 medals (6 evils., 2 Ser., 3 bronze.).

At the European Championships in Lithuania among adults kharkovites Dmitry Beskorovayny in the category up to 55 kg won 2 gold medals, Viktor Ilyushin gold medal at the World Championships in Poland Dmitry once again became the world champion, and Victoria won two gold medals.
The adult championship of Ukraine Kharkov ’17 confidently won consecutive overall team championship.
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3. In 2013 athletes from 81 clubs in Ukraine appeared on national and international competitions armsportu.

Best club in Ukraine armsportu ’17 Streak is the team of the National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute” (coach Petrenko Vladimir Petrenko and Alexander).
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Original article – armsport.com.ua │ Google Translate

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