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Mightypaul Maiden
This results table was made by using the official results from British Armwrestling Federation:

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The Crofters Hotel, on the A6, Cabus Nr. Garstang, Lancashire │ 10 August 2013

-65kg Left Hand-65kg Right Hand
1.) Barry Knowles – Leigh Elite1.) Barry Knowles – Leigh Elite
2.) Ian Stones – FreaKShop2.) Ian Stones – FreaKShop
3.) Chris Waters – Panthers3.) Jerome Bloom – Nth London
-70kg Left Hand-70kg Right Hand
1.) Chris Ham – FreaKShop1.) Steve Rogers – FreaKShop
2.) Steve Rogers – FreaKShop2.) Chris Ham – FreaKShop
3.) Bradley Martinez – Minotaurs3.) Bradley Martinez – Minotaurs
-75kg Left Hand-75kg Right Hand
1.) Ted Wilson – FrkS Cumbria1.) Ted Wilson – FrkS Cumbria
2.) Tom Holland – Slammers2.) Tom Holland – Slammers
3.) Anil Najran – Bullets3.) Anil Najran – Bullets
-80kg Left Hand  -80kg Right Hand 
1.) Craig Sanders – Bullets1.) Craig Sanders – Bullets
2.) Koray Candas – MKAF2.) Peter Burnell – Co Durham
3.) Andrew Smith – Nth London3.) Koray Candas – MKAF
-85kg Left Hand  -85kg Right Hand 
1.) Stuart Hall – Rossendale1.) Andy Barker – FreaKShop
2.) Andy Barker – FreaKShop2.) Stuart Hall – Rossendale
3.) Paul Mitchell – Warriors3.) Chris Murphy – Rossendale
-90kg Left Hand  -90kg Right Hand 
1.) Steve Kirlew – Leeds1.) Peter Henderson – Power
2.) Paul Waters – Panthers2.) Steve Kirlew – Leeds
3.) Peter Henderson – Power3.) Paul Waters – Panthers
-100kg Left Hand  -100kg Right Hand 
1.) Paul Maiden – Leigh Elite1.) Paul Maiden – Leigh Elite
2.) Neil Pickup – FreaKShop2.) Neil Pickup – FreaKShop
3.) Terry Ackers – Cheetahs3.) Terry Ackers – Cheetahs
-110kg Left Hand -110kg Right Hand 
1.) Garry Rickett – Bad Boyz1.) Garry Rickett – Bad Boyz
2.) Charles Wandrag -Minotaurs2.) Dan Thomas – Minotaurs
3.) Dan Thomas – Minotaurs3.) Charles Wandrag -Minotaurs
1.) Alan Greaves – Bad Boyz1.) Alan Greaves – Bad Boyz
Mens Overall Right Hand 
1.) Craig Sanders – Bullets
2.) Garry Rickett – Bad Boyz
3.) Alan Greaves – Bad Boyz
Ladies Open Left HandLadies Open Right Hand
1.) Agy Gorzynska1.) Hayley Dickinson
2.) Hayley Dickinson2.) Agy Gorzynska
This results table was made by using the official results from British Armwrestling Federation.
UPDATE: The Ladies Open were added to the table from

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Neil Pickup ► Armwrestling John – Engin: ” Hi Fabio, I hope you & your Family are well mate, please pass on my best to Giovanni, I’m glad to hear that he is in good shape at the moment. In answer to question, no my condition is not great at the moment to be honest mate. 2013 has been a very bad year for me for various reasons & my focus has been away from my own Armwrestling in favour of promoting the ARM WARS events, work & my young family. I gave my best on the day & Paul had to much of a package on the day & was technically sharper than myself at the table. He has been working very hard & has been focused on his Armwrestling & it showed yesterday. He therefore deserved to win in my opinion & he did. I will try to assist him in getting ready for Poland & I believe that in the next few years with continued focus, he has the tools & ability to do BIG things in the 90kg class. Craig Sanders & Peter Henderson also deserve a mention as yesterday both men looked OUTSTANDING. Craig won the overall over Garry Rickett & Alan Greaves & he is READY FOR POLAND !!! Watch for “MIGHTY MAIDEN” “THE BULLET” in Gdynia 😉 “

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