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VIDEO: Arsen Liliev vs. Krasimir Kostadinov – 100kg final │23rd European Armwrestling Championships 2013 EuroArm

Arsen Liliev Vs Krasimir Kostadinov

Source: Armwrestling brj

Krasimir Kostadinov won another battle but the war it’s not over, I believe we’ll see many more interesting battles between the two. Arsen said before the EuroArm 2013 that he didn’t prepared especially for the European championships, because he changed his approach to things and he will focus on A1 Russian Open 2013, then on the 35th World Armwrestling Championships 2013, and on the Nemiroff World Cup 2013.

Read all what Arsen said before the EuroArm 2013, on Armpower.NET: KRASI, IT’S YOUR LAST CHANCE..


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