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VIDEO: Centered Laser Armwrestling Bras de fer │X-MEN PARIS 2013, 23 November 2013

Centered Laser Armwrestling Bras de fer

Source: Ciprian Valean

Comments from youtube:

Marcin Mielniczuk

1. this is not new equipment. used few years ago by Mazurenko Promotion

2. what about moving table during the championships?

3. what about construction?

4. what about batteries?

Ciprian Valean

1. Thank you for this news. I never saw the use of laser before. I’m only for 4 years in armwrestling and never saw somethink like the use of the laser.

It seems that Mr. Willy Deunemestier also use it., In Sweden the laser has been also used.

2. The laser is used only at Start position, so if the table is moving, after fight the referee will put-it back in place.

3 and 4 If you already use it, than you should know about the construction and logistic.

🙂 Thank you for your com Mr. Marcin. 🙂

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