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World Bar Arm Wrestling Championships │UPDATES: Super Heavy Weight Class – $ 20,000 for 1st place

World Bar Arm Wrestling Championships

World Bar Arm Wrestling Championships
Image Source: www.worldbararmwrestling.com

Allen Fisher posted a message from Marvin Alex Cohen – the man behind Over the Top movie.

Allen Fisher ► XSportNews.com – Armwrestling & more:

” Attention: Fellow Pullers (Worldwide) The Forces of Corporate Sponsors, PPV TV & Celebs are providing us a Once In a Lifetime Opportunity (4x per Year) To Command the Respect ($$$) that Both You & the Sport Deserve…. Let us All team up with Michael , Travis, John, Allen, Cobra & Hundreds of Others to make Sure this Long Over “Due” Ride Never Stops !!!! I am looking forward to Pulling & Partying with You All on August 17th At Señor Frog’s in Las Vegas.
www.WorldBarArmWrestling.com “

Allen Fisher ” Thank you for adding this to xsportnews.com.
Please keep checking the website, it is constantly being updated.
Marvin just up the Super Heavy Weight Class to $ 20,000 1st place!
And All Competitors can enter their own weight class plus
the Open (Super Heavy Weight) Class to go for the $ 20,000! “



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