WORLDARM 2016 DOPING RESULTS, 38th World Armwrestling Championships 2016 (WAF)

Doping - Syringe
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UPDATE: I added the updated list from If you have a list with all tested armwrestlers from your country (positive or negative) please send it to XSportNews.


updated 13.01.2017

The WAF reports that the sample of following athletes has returned an Adverse Analytical Finding in connection with the 2016 World Armwrestling & Para-Armwrestling Championship.

As a consequence, the following Athletes are provisionally suspended in view of a potential anti-doping rule violation.

1. Shokhrukh Abduyokubou, Uzbekistan

2. Andreii Fillipov, Ukraine

3. Zufar Tazetdinov, Russia

4. Mikhail Siminenko, Russia

5. Gismat Vakilov, Azerbaijan (updated)

In any case where it is determined that the athlete did not commit an anti-doping rule violation, the relevant decision will also be published.

The WAF will not make any further comments on the case until it is closed.

WAF Doping Control Commission ”


Oleg Zhokh, Evgeny Prudnik were among the 7 ukrainian athletes tested this year at .

As I said many times before, I believe it is a good idea to show the list with all tested athletes, even if the results are negative, we want to see the names of all tested armwrestlers: positive or negative.

For the moment, I could only find the doping results for the Ukrainian team, but I will post here all the results when they will be available.

” Ukrainian Armsport Federation,
Mr. Volodymyr Petrenko

I would like to inform you that WADA-accredited laboratory of Athens, Greece reported that no prohibited substance, or evidence of the Use of a prohibited method is detected in:

4063502 Janina Nazarko

Ukraine 5.10.2016 In-competition World Armwrestling Championship, 2016

4063507 Juliia Tochynska

Ukraine 5.10.2016 In-competition World Armwrestling Championship, 2016

4063452 Ihor Todoriuk

Ukraine 5.10.2016 In-competition World Armwrestling Championship, 2016

4063442 Serhii Kuropata

Ukraine 6.10.2016 In-competition World Para-Armwrestling Championship, 2016


Ukraine 8.10.2016 In-competition WorldArmwrestling Championship, 2016


Ukraine 8.10.2016 In-competition World Armwrestling Championship, 2016

4063487 Ivan Lukyanchuk

Ukraine 9.10.2016 In-competition World Armwrestling Championship, 2016


Consequently, WAF will issue these test results as NEGATIVE.

As National Armwrestling Federation please inform the involved parties about the negative test results.

Yours faithfully,
Doping Control Commission “


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