4 Million Dollars for Top 16 – PAL Armwrestling Show

Top 16 – World Armwrestling Championship (WAC) │ Image Source: PAL – Professional Armwrestling League

” At the time, our team is nearing the final stage of dealing with contracts and investors – says Mazurenko. – We’ve decided to not only form a new event, but a new level of competition. That’s why sponsor money is not everything. We’ve drawn in whole enterprises ready to support TOP 16 and its potential. Just make the calculations yourself – the budget is huge, especially in armwrestling – 4 million dollars, 1.4000 thousand prize money. You might ask – “why would anyone invest so much money in a little known sport?”. Well – people believe that with such and enormous event, popularity will follow, and money with it. It’s just like with the UFC, they started something new too, and look at them today! The UFC tournaments go head to head in popularity with boxing matches, and fights are broadcast in 130 countries, in over 20 languages. Those who invested at the beginning, sleep on money now. The TOP 16 investors expect a similar outcome, and armwrestling has every chance to satisfy their expectations.

It’s already known that the tournament will take place in Turkey, USA and Switzerland. We’re planning a much larger expansion, though, it’s underway as we speak. But let’s speak of what we’re certain of.

Artur Grigorian ”

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