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4 VIDEOS: John Brzenk about Oleg Zhokh, Andrey Pushkar, Devon Larratt and more

John Brzenk, Ryan Bowen
John Brzenk, Ryan Bowen

Having John Brzenk as a co-host is simply the best idea Ryan Bowen ever had, regarding his armwrestling channel. 🙂

There is no one else I rather listen more than John Brzenk, when the subject is armwrestling.

John Brzenk will always remain for me the Greatest Armwrestler of All Time.

The State Of The Sport Address | Armwrestling | S2 E4

The Rise of Oleg Zhokh | Matt Mask Faces Devon Larratt | Brzenk Come Back? | S2 E3

Krasimir Kostadinov Destroys Devon Larratt | Does This Change Things?

WAL 404 | Predictions | Full Card

Source: Pound for Pound Armwrestling