4 VIDEOS: Kazakhstan National Armwrestling Championships 2017, PHOTOS

Kazakhstan National Armwrestling Championships 2017 │Collage made by XSportNews using images from the videos
There are 4 videos: 1 youtube, 1 instagram, 2 facebook videos and the photos are posted after the videos, scroll down.
There are 2 matches in this FIRST video from the OPEN category:
1. Georgy Dzeranov vs. Magzhan Shamyiev
2. Kydyrgaly Ongarbaev vs. Medet Kuttymuratov

Чемпионат Казахстана 17 февраля 2017 г. Абсолютная категория.
Source: Казахстанская Правда

OPEN CATEGORY: Aktayev Talgat vs Gapchenko Boris

SENIOR MAN 100 KG right hand
Ongarbayev Kydyrgaly vs Dzeranov Georgyi



qazaq_arm (Google Translate): ” Medet Kuttymuratov absolute champion in arm wrestling in Kazakhstan in February 2017 “

More photos and videos ► qazaq_arm – instagram

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