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VIDEO: The Russian Armwrestling Federation will DISQUALIFY armwrestlers for posting some photos or videos

The Russian Armwrestling Federation (translated FAR in the text below) made some surprising announcement on 5 January 2021:


Google Translated from armwrestling_rus (instagram):

“Decision No. 1 of the Presidium of the Russian Armwrestling Federation dated January 5, 2021:

FAR members advertising anabolic steroids (or any drugs and methods prohibited for use in sports), as well as athletes disqualified by the International Armwrestling Federation WAF (or FAR, WADA, RUSADA), referees or Federation under sanctions of WAF (or FAR, WADA , RUSADA), through the demonstration of fights, training, interviews with such athletes, judges or demonstration of the sports uniform of such Federations or announcement of the events of such Federations on social networks – are disqualified for two years.

Any photo or video materials posted by a FAR member on his page in social networks after the date of the Presidium decision will serve as proof of such a demonstration.

The decision on disqualification is made only by the Presidium of the Russian Armwrestling Federation by a simple majority of votes.

Automatic disqualification, without a decision of the Presidium, is not provided.

The FAR Presidium asks the presidents of the regional federations to carry out explanatory work on the ground, within a month.

The Presidium’s decision on sanctions will enter into force on February 5, 2021.

Solution # 2

The procedure for excluding an athlete from the list of the Russian national team.

1. An athlete can be excluded from the list of the Russian national team for:

A. violation of sports discipline *;

B. anti-doping rule violation;

C. bringing to criminal responsibility;

D. disqualification of the International Armwrestling Federation WAF (or FAR, WADA, RUSADA)

D. participation in competitions (including “professional fights”, “armfights”), not included in the Calendar plan of the Russian Armwrestling Federation, without the consent of the president of his regional federation and the head coach of the Russian national team.

2. The decision to exclude an athlete from the list of the Russian national team is made only by the Presidium of the Russian Armwrestling Federation by a simple majority of votes.

* A violation of sports discipline is:

CONTINUED IN COMMENT” – source: armwrestling_rus (instagram)

Google Translated comments from Армрестлинг главная / Armwrestling / Армспорт (

“Yes, this is a zoska (s) 😆for a photo can now be banned for 2 years …”

“The closer the collapse of the empire, the crazier its laws”

“They dig their own grave with these restrictions. Athletes are kept in the pen as sheep.”

“I understand correctly?? Now if you take a picture with a disqualified athlete, and this photo becomes popular, then you can be suspended for 2 years ??? What nonsense …”

“What will they come up with next? Mandatory entry into “United Russia”, otherwise they will not be admitted to the tournaments?”

“Arthur , And then they will also demand that friends from the “wrong federations” be removed in social networks. Like their posts is also banned)))”

“Igor , dear. You are kindly requested to go and hug everyone, God forgive me, members of the headlights. So that they would be disqualified according to their own piece of paper. Don’t thank.”

“I can’t understand why adults, champions of strength sports are silent? Are they happy with everything? Waiting for decision number 2 of 2021? In which they will come up with something else! We are engaged in arm wrestling! And we are all brothers! It doesn’t matter what federation we are in! Nobody has the right to forbid us to communicate! And with whom I post photos is my own business! And everyone’s business!”

“Ruslan , a collective complaint should be written to the Ministry of Sports about the infringements of the PAR on the freedom of athletes and their personal lives”

“If you are not in the FAR, then you cannot be disqualified. 😁”

“Self-respecting athletes think they should leave this federation and not be like cattle in a pen where they are pushed around like animals. If they grab it, they will think of something else than to punish and tighten the screws. It’s a shame! Fu in such a federation to be!”

“Right now, everyone will come out of there and they will run to negotiations with Mazurenko))
This is the same political shit, as in some other areas.”

“The most interesting thing, guys, is that everyone who writes here about the courts, the constitution and the like is also waiting for someone else to do it …”

“Arm wrestling home / Armwrestling / Armsport, I will duplicate what I wrote in another thread: It is easier for the court to say “figure it out yourself” in this case. Formally, the decision was made in accordance with the procedure. When the governing bodies were formed in the armwrestling community, the athletes were not particularly interested in this, the main thing is that someone organizes and conducts tournaments. And now the other side of the coin has been highlighted that the governing bodies can make such a cynical decision: “If you do what we prohibit, you will get a discal.” Moreover, the decision is on behalf of all athletes. And in this situation it is the athletes who must respond. Ideally, refusal to participate in FAR events until this ban is lifted. Unless, of course, there is enough courage for this, and do not prefer to endure. And if athletes, especially numbers 1-6 ignore the Chechen Republic and the Ministry of Sports will know about this fact, then this will definitely work, because it turns out that by its actions the FAR disrupted the formation of the Russian national team. But I think very few people will make a choice in favor of a boycott instead of a guaranteed place in the top three.”

“Sergei , most likely not enough. They will begin to answer – “I am not in the army for 6 years, I am not a coward, I am a warrior, but I don’t need it, others should, but not me,” and in that spirit”

“such a question, when you and your wife perform armwrestling in the PAR and you were disqualified for playing in PAL, do you need to get divorced or can you just delete the pictures?)))” – Source: Армрестлинг главная / Armwrestling / Армспорт (


Source: SwedenArmwrestlingTelevision