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Engin Terzi vs. John Brzenk, March 2022

John Brzenk vs. Engin Terzi


“Most likely myself and John will pull in March. I know i am a huge underdog but i really don’t think that he will have an easy day. We both are chess players while he is a better player and with bigger frame. He is older but i believe our injuries are equally the same.

The only problem is that if i pull Bozhidar in February i will be too light for John in March. Also technically my preparation for Bozhidar and John would be different. So I know that i teased Bozhidar a lot but i don’t think i can find any other time to pull the GOAT.

I know my chances are small but i really would like to pull against John. Other day when i mentioned about pulling John someone wrote ‘Everyone wants to pull John’, yes John is the GOAT but i am not everyone either. I know doesn’t sound humble but i have been pulling at World level for about 30 years. So I think the community may want to see this match.

I never include myself to my top 10 best ever pullers list. İn my list John is no 1 and Zoloev Hadzimurat is no 2. So their match also carries a huge meaning. John has beaten him by ease some years ago but i believe weight difference was probably near 20kg. Now they will be around same weight.

Once I asked Arsen to ask Khadzi about who he thinks is the best ever armwrestler. I expected him to answer ‘John Brzenk’ but Arsen said Khadzi stayed quiet about it. So Khadzi may be looking this match with different eyes even though John is not at his best. But if 57 years old John beats 37 years old Khadzi then this may also convince Khadzi about the answer of who is the GOAT question.

Things get different when you know things deeply..”

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