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2 VIDEOS: John Brzenk answers questions

John Brzenk answers questions about his armwrestling training and his life, including a question about steroids.

He talks about Todd Hutchings and Corey West.

Talk about Ermes Gasparini vs. Dmitry Trubin.

25:35 talk about muscle ups.

28:35 answers about supplements and anti-inflammatory drugs.

33:20 “Where are you going Buddy” vs. Michael Todd

34:00 talks about going to Dubai and collab with Larry Wheels.

36:35 Prime Cleve Dean vs. Levan Saginashvilli

41:50 Over the Top tournament story

45:35 about Devon Larratt

This video is the first part of the live stream.

He talks about his upcoming match with Dmitry Kachan
Source: John Brzenk

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