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ARM WARS “KILLER INSTINCT” tomorrow on Eurosport 2

ARM WARS Professional Armwrestling Super Series:

” REMEMBER GUYS !!! ARM WARS Super Series begins airing once again on Eurosport 2 from tomorrow Night Thursday the 3rd of January please spread the word that the World’s premier Pan European International Armwrestling TV Series IS BACK ON THE SCREENS IN 70 COUNTRIES FOR SERIES IV FROM JANUARY 3RD !!! The action will begin with the remaining 3 Shows from ARM WARS “KILLER INSTINCT” Germany before the Super Series crosses the Atlantic for ARM WARS “HIGH STAKES” Las Vegas where the Matches are SOME OF THE MOST INTENSE TEAR UPS THE SPORT HAS EVER SEEN !!! “

ARM WARS – Eurosport 2
ARM WARS – Eurosport 2 │ Source: Eurosport – “Armwrestling” Search


The TV SCHEDULE from Eurosport 2 is in Central European Time, CET:


Killer Instinct – ARMWARS!
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