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Armwrestling Ratings by Oleg Stepanov

Oleg Stepanov │ Photo Source: Oleg Stepanov [edited by XSportNews]
Oleg Stepanov │ Photo Source: Oleg Stepanov [edited by XSportNews]

My name is Oleg Stepanov. Mostly I am a mathematician and I wanted to make a new Armwrestling Rating List based on statistics and Elo system personally. 200 points difference means that higher can win 3 : 1.

Right now I made a draft version only. Most pullers are Russian and Ukrainian. This is just the beginning.

I want to find people who are interested in statistics for every country. If you suppose that your country is not correct or not complete presented on my ratinglist and you have tournament results, please, connect with me. Together we can do my work better.


Armwrestling Rating List by Oleg Stepanov


Men Left Arm │ ► Men Right Arm

Click on a country flag from the upper line to see the best rated armwrestlers in that country.

Men Both Arms Ratings

If you want to understand how the rating system works, you will need a translator because the info is in Russian language:

1. His Majesty rating!

2. For those who are in the subject.