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Artem Taranenko
Artem Taranenko

Name: Artem Taranenko  Artem Taranenko - facebook page YouTube - Toprollking Production @toprollking - instagram

Nickname: Artem Toproll

Birthdate: 16 March 1995

Country: USA 🇺🇸

— —  Measurements  — —

Height: 182 cm (6’0″)

Weight: 80 kg (176 lb)

Biceps 💪



38 cm (15″)

34 cm (13.4″)

18 cm (7.1″)

— —                       — —

Preferred armwrestling technique(s): Toproll

Preferred hand: Good at both

When and how did you start armwrestling: In small ghetto town of Russia I found an Armwrestling class, and I’ve beat guys there that used to competing before, so that what made me start doing it.

Armwrestling record (best results):

    • AAA national champion at 70kg and top 3 at 75kg (pulled two classes same day)
    • Alabama / Maryland / Florida state champion
    • 2015 Arnold Classic Armwrestling Challenge (ACAC) – 5th place at 154 lbs (watch video below)
    • Winner / participant of over 30 events.

Armwrestling projects: Toprollking Production YouTube channel. Also photography page on Facebook – Armfighter Foto/Toprollking Production. As well as instagrams: toprollking ; toprollking_photo

Armwrestling goal: Become an ultimate man.

Toughest match: Hook match with Zack Lee.

Toughest opponent(s): Roby Russel (watch video below).

Occupation: Painter.

What motivates you: I’m very unmotivated lazy bum lol.

Preferred armwrestler(s), someone who you really admire in armwrestling: Travis Bagent

Favorite quote / an idea that guides you in life: Can’t beat ’em, choke ’em.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now: Making living of Armwrestling YouTube videos.

Message to your fellow armwrestlers / pullers: Armwrestling is just two men’s holding hands. So never be mad about it.

Artem Taranenko at 2015 Arnold Classic Armwrestling Challenge (ACAC)

Three years ago at #ArnoldassicArmwrestlingChampionship 2015 at 154lbs. Was lucky enough to went 2-2 and get like 5th place at #xsportnews bracket. Somehow three years later I'm going at it again in bigger class with even bigger competition, weigh ins are in 2weeks!! /// три года назад мой первый Арнольд в категории 70кг. По борьбе вышел 2-2 и стал 5ым по сетке,но это даже не призовое место,так что стал никаким но хоть проиграл чемпионам мира тогда так что не обидно)))))) в этом году буду пробовать свои силы в более тяжелой категории как по весу так и по количеству лошадиных сил которые прибудут на этом турнире. Взвешивание уже через две недели ровно!#armwrestling #arnoldclassic2018 #arnoldclassic #roadtoarnoldclassic #roadtoarnoldclassic2018 #acac2018 #nutrition #supplements #natfit #армрестлинг #армспорт #армфайт #арнольдклассик #дороганаарнольдклассик #russianinusa #russianathlete #ironreligiongym #orlando #orlandoarmwrestling

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Artem Highlights 2016

Artem Taranenko Georgia Highlights 2017

Artem Taranenko vs Roby Russell

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