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Artem Taynov: Plans for the future

Artem Taynov
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” This prospective Ukrainian armsportsmena, despite his relatively young age, already in the bank gold medals with such prestigious events as the European and World Championships, World Cup among professionals. That’s in the past year has brought Artyom fourth gold with a very prestigious tournament in the modern armsportu – Cup World Professional «Nemiroff World Cup», which took place in November in Poland. This time Artem won 95 kg category on the left hand.

Three months after this victory, we decided to find an athlete, where we can see it in the near future, at which tournaments and competitions?
Artem: In early March, a statement required by Ukrainian Championship armsportu in Kharkiv. The task – to take first or second place in the category of 90 kg, to get into the team. Then he plans to speak in May at the European Championships in July – the tournament “A1 Russian Open». At these competitions will be made ​​only on the left hand, because most want to restore the right to participate in the World Championships in Poland and the World Cup in the professional «Nemiroff World Cup».
What category will fight?
Artem: Now my weight is 94 kg. At the world championships and Europe will speak at 90 kg, “A1 Russian Open» and «Nemiroff World Cup» – 95 kg.
You set a goal to win the tournament A1?
Artem: My goal – not so much to win the A1, how to win on the left hand of the champion as Andrey Pushkar, as to be equal to the athlete.
We know that many young athletes are equal and you in armsportu. What advice could you give them?
Artem: Train, and the result will not wait!
We wish Artem successful performance in scheduled start for this year. And all the fans armsportu can read the article about the secrets of training style “up” by Artem Taynova in the magazine “Iron World» № 4 for 2013. 
Author: Andrei Sharkov “
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