VIDEO: Artyom Morozov vs. Arif Ertem 2020

Artyom Morozov vs. Arif Ertem 2020

Just to put things in perspective, Arif Ertem’s left arm is for sure stronger than Michael Todd’s left arm. (No offense to Michael, but I think he is also aware of this – his right arm is the strong one).

Artyom Morozov, KAZ is on the 6th place in the left hand rankings (WORLD ARMWRESTLING RANKINGS by Experts) since 2020, after he won SENIOR MEN LEFT +100 at LOTOSHINO 2020, and after he also won VIDEO: GEORGIY DZERANOV Vs. ARTYOM MOROZOV, LEFT HAND

This supermatch took place at the end of 2020 but it was published now in 2021.

Strongest Armwrestling battle. Morozov Artyom vs Arif Ertem (Thor vs Aquaman)

Source: Armwrestling Nomad

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