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Balázs Mergl: Lifetime ban for choosing URPA

Balázs Mergl banned
Balázs Mergl banned Hi Mergl, XSportNews heard that you received a ban, please tell us your story. Why do you think this happened ? What did you do to deserve this ban ?

Balázs Mergl: Hi. Yes it’s true I got a prohibition from the Hungarian Federation. My story started in 2018 with the Zloty Tur, because all competitors were automatically on the URPA list after that. Then I activated my profile and was preparing for my next competition in Slovakia (Senec Hand).

Few weeks ago we got new information, Facebook was full of rumors and some open mails and finally the last mail said: anybody (not just referees) who has any contact with URPA system will be banned from WAF tournaments.

Who contacted you to tell you this ?

I think because of this last letter I got a call from a Hungarian Federation President. He asked me to decide which side I support, PAL and URPA rating-system or WAF. You should know, that although I was a national champion in 2018 in Hungary I had to pay by myself all my expenses to go to worlds and represent my country. I would have to do the same this year.
After this conversation I knew what consequences will be for me If I choose URPA. One day later I wrote an e-mail that I don’t like choosing any sides at all and would like to compete in both WAF and PAL events, but I really want to try URPA and take part in PAL events. It was a “wrong answer” Then I got an e-mail telling that I am banned from all WAF competitions, so of course also from Hungarian ones.

Did you receive an official letter from the Hungarian Armwrestling Federation about this ban ?

I didn’t get any official letter with signatures or stamps, but if I come now to Hungarian National Cup the Hungarian Federation will not allow me to compete.

How do you feel about this ban ?

It’s quite complicated, but first of all I have to tell that I have no sad or angry feelings because of that situation. I know that rules can change quickly. I made a decision, and now I’ll deal with the consequences. I think in this self-financing sport I have the right to choose competitions by myself. I’m a university student, not a professional competitor. Spend my money, my free time and make sacrifices to become better and better by taking part in international events.
In this situation, nobody has the right to prohibit me to choose the competitions.
Sure I’m disappointed also because I would like competing at Euroarms or Words but I can live without them less damage to the budget.

What are your next plans in armwrestling ? What are the next tournaments you plan to compete in ?

My plan after this…. maybe I ll train together with Vitaly this weekend. But seriously the plan is the preparation and training to the Senec hand. Keep strong and good luck to everybody.

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