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VIDEO: Eric Spoto 722 lbs (327.5 kg) World Record Raw Bench Press 2013 │ Devon Larratt about Eric Spoto by years

Eric Spoto 722 lbs (327.5 kg) World Record Raw Bench Press – Official Video | SuperTraining.TV

Published on 19 May 2013

Eric Spoto destroys the previous raw bench press record. For more great videos, visit SuperTraining.TV:

Source: Jim McDonald

Devon Larratt about Eric Spoto, by years (click the red links to see the original):

Devon Larratt – northeastboard (2009): ” Thanks Lenny and Eric for taking good care of me for my little trip through vegas, and John and Ed down in Palmdale!

For any heavyweight who doesn’t know, we should all pray that Eric Spoto continues to focus on Bench Press…. What a monster. my opinion – with VERY little exposure all would rank him very quickly within the top 5 in NA. he just has to go out and crush people.
thanks again! ”

Devon Larratt – northeastboard (2011): ” Eric Spoto is CRAZY strong. i hope he takes the record.. for a guy who doesn’t really compete he is by far by far the strongest guy i have ever pulled on the table. there are freaks out there in the shadows ”

Devon Larratt – northeastboard (2012): ” Spoto is a fkn FREAK, i think he could just appear on the A.W. scene and beat almost everybody…. crazy strong. But, i think he now can’t really be called a non – armwrestler, just a casual one. I really want him to nail his record so he comes to our sport. INSANE power…
I have met some freaks aswell, we train on the beach sometimes in the summer.. i still remember this guy Sunny – a big 265 pound russian guy. Said he used to do alot of Karate. Within MINUTES he was giving me a very hard time. Now always remember.. the hardest things to learn are the subtle things that happen before the ref says go, and knowing when you are being fkd over, this is where the new guy often looses. ”

Maybe now that Eric Spoto took the record, we can expect him coming to armwrestling. 🙂

UPDATE: Now you can read what Eric Spoto wrote about Devon Larratt on bodybuilding forum.
You can also read an interesting story written by someone else about Eric Spoto’s encounter with Travis Bagent: 

Eric Spoto – (March 2013): ” I have trained with Devon a couple times. He is a absolute specimen his videos don’t do him justice. He is a legit 6’5″ strong as hell and has the best endurance I have ever seen. Last time we trained I was able to give him some trouble first 15 minutes of practice inside in a hook. In the set matches we had, he got the better of me. His outside pulling combined with his arm height makes me feel real uncomfortable. Whats crazy is 2 hours into practice he felt stronger than when he first got there. I have video footage of the practice somewhere. ”

Claymore1 – (March 2013): ” I know Eric won’t tell the story, so I will. Sunday before we left the expo to go to the airport Eric and I were walking around and Travis Bagent was armwrestling people at a booth. I encouraged Eric to go up there and rip his arm off, at first Eric wouldn’t do it….but he gave in and approached travis. Travis looked at Eric’s name tag and said “O **** I heard of you” they locked up and travis said right away ” your gonna kill me” and Eric did THREE TIMES in a row !!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA My boy is a F R E A K !!!!!!!!!! “