INFO: WORLDARM 2018: 40th World Armwrestling Championships 2018 (WAF)

WOW Kremlin Palace & WOW Topkapi Palace, Lara district, Antalya city, Turkey │ Collage made by XSportNews using images from
WOW Kremlin Palace & WOW Topkapi Palace, Lara district, Antalya city, Turkey │ Collage made by XSportNews using images from

The World Armwrestling Federation (WAF) would like to officially invite you as WAF member country to attend the
40th World Armwrestling and 21st World Para-Armwrestling Championship“, which will be held in ANTALYA, TURKEY from
October 12th to October 21st, 2018.

Championship will be hosted by Turkish Armwrestling Federation
represented by its president Mr. Niyazi KURT.

The federation is prepared to receive more than 1.500 competitors from over 45 participating countries.
It’s expected for teams to arrange proper VISA for each member of their team, if necessary. Please check “Visa Information For Foreigners“. Official invitations will be provided by host federation if needed.

Once the VISA is approved, please contact official travel agency ( KOZETUR ) to arrange accommodation and airport transfers.



 12.10.2018 Friday

Teams Arrival

13.10.2018 Saturday

0900      Team Registration

0900    Referee Seminar

1200    Classification Seminar

1400      Continental Meetings – South & North America, Africa, Oceania & Australia

1500      Asian Continental Meeting

1600    European Continental Meeting

14.10.2018 Sunday

0800    Classification & Weigh-in for disabled

0900    Weigh-in for juniors 18, youth 21 and all master classes

1200      Technical Meeting

1600      WAF Congress Meeting

15.10.2018 Monday

0900    Opening Ceremonies

0930      1st Competition Day, left hand for juniors 18 and youth 21

1630      Finals & Awards, Doping

16.10.2018 Tuesday

0930    2nd Competition Day, right hand for junior 18 and youth 21

1630    Finals & Awards, Doping

17.10.2018 Wednesday

0930    3rd Competition Day, left hand for all master classes and disabled

1630    Finals & Awards, Doping

18.10.2018 Thursday

0900    2nd Weigh-in Day for seniors

0930    4th Competition Day, right hand for all master classes and disabled

1630    Finals & Awards, Doping

19.10.2018 Friday

0930    5th Competition Day, left hand for seniors

1630      Finals & Awards, Doping

20.10.2018 Saturday

0930    6th Competition Day, right hand for seniors

1630    Finals & Awards, Doping

2100    Closing Ceremonies

21.10.2018 Sunday

Team’s departure


Engin Terzi – Armwrestling Engin (21 Sept 2017): The date for the 2018 World Championships is 13-22 of October. The city is Antalya.

Zil Fadli: the Grand Kremlin Palace right?

Engin Terzi: Yes and soon all the details will be given by the official page. It will hopefully be the best ever WAF with accomodation, organisation and awards.

Zil Fadli: i hope so too. all in one. everyone will enjoy the food thats for sure 😁

Engin Terzi: Our President Niyazi Kurt is planning to give Armwrestling Arm Trophies for the senior medalists for sure, maybe even for the other categories as well depending on our budget and cost.

Engin Terzi: There will be 6 times a day free food service. 3 of them will be huge open buffet and other 3 will be spesific type of food service such as kabab. For sure you will not need to spend single coin for food

Engin Terzi created a Poll in Armwrestling Engin (◄ click the red link):

” Would you like to see an Overall Championships with prize money award at the end of the WAF 2018? I asked to Assen and he said it is fine as long as the title is different than official WAF title. So i will do my best to convince our President Niyazi Kurt who says the last word. My opinion is either from heaviest category to down single elimination, or double elimination but draw will be as heaviest one against 110kg, 100kg against 90kg and so on. “

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