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International Federation of Armwrestling – IFA – New International Armwrestling Organisation UPDATED

International Federation of Armwrestling – IFA

UPDATE (14 June 2019): 

Anders Axklo – facebook: ” We are overwhelmed by the positive response from the international armwrestling community. Thank you all for the welcoming attitude and the recognition of the need we intend to meet. IFA welcomes federations interested in membership to contact us at [email protected] for further documentation, information and requirements. Contacting IFA through this mail is not in any way binding, but only a request for information on how to join. Due to longstanding behavior of threats and intimidation directed towards athletes, officials and federations we will also assure those interested that shows of interest will not be made public until an entity has formally decided to join. ”

Anders Axklo – facebook:

” A new International Armwrestling organisation is finalizing registering process.

The structure is ready!
A provisional board under the leadership of Anders Axklo have worked with setting up a structure that can grow into the functional and transparent organization that the world armwrestling community needs.
The new international non-profit organization has been filed to Swiss Chamber of Commerce under Swiss law as the International Federation of Armwrestling (IFA) and will within short be available for national federations to join as full members. The choice of Switzerland follows international practice for global sports organisations, for example IOC, GAISF, CAS, FIFA and many more. In short IFA will be under the same legislation as these organisations, something that has been long overdue in armwrestling.

The structure is now in place, and leading up to the first Open World Championships 2019. The dates of the IFA WAC 2019 will be announced shortly.
The provisional board will work with all things needed in preparation for the first championships, and also preparing for the member’s first General Assembly, where open and free elections will be held to set the first executive board.

New international organisation is open to all national federations (full membership) as well as clubs and individual country’s representatives (limited membership), to all who want to help in the shaping of the future of armwrestling. ”