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INTERVIEW: Alexey Voevoda about armwrestling and bobsleigh

Alexey Voevoda - Bobsleigh Olympic Silver Medal - Turin 2006; Bobsleigh Olympic Bronze Medal - Vancouver 2010
Alexey Voevoda – Bobsleigh Olympic Silver Medal – Four-man – Turin 2006
Bobsleigh Olympic Bronze Medal – Two-man – Vancouver 2010
Bobsleigh Olympic Gold Medal – Two-man – Sochi 2014
Bobsleigh Olympic Gold Medal – Four-man – Sochi 2014

” Moscow recently hosted an important event in the world with an unprecedented armsportu prize money – International A-1 Russian Open World armwrestling Grand Prix. This tournament has become the most prestigious and most expensive project in arm wrestling, which combines the best traditions of the global sports and entertainment events. Attended the event three times world champion in arm wrestling, world champion in 2011 in bobsleigh, winner of silver and bronze medals in the Olympics this winter sport Alexei Voyevoda. He has held several workshops on rukoboryu, and then answered questions from the TV channel “Fighter” on the new tournament, preparing for the Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014, told of his sports nutrition and considered how to promote arm wrestling.

– How do you assess the importance of the tournament World armwrestling Grand Prix A1 RUSSIAN OPEN for the development of power sports in the country?

– Any similar event promotes sport and healthy lifestyles. And the tournament with an unprecedented prize money at all was a welcome event. Such conduct must match. Unfortunately, arm wrestling is not very widely publicized. Wow, that trend is changing. Thank channel “Fighter” that he decided to show the event live. I hope the young guys after watching a broadcast will not drink beer, and will engage in arm wrestling and other sports.

– Why did you decide not to participate in it as an athlete?

– I did not prepare for this championship, because it is just not going to participate. I gave a master class in arm wrestling and struggled a couple of times at the hands of strogmenom, absolute world champion among professionals, the title of “most powerful man in Russia,” Denis Tsyplenkova, so it was comfortable and then act.

– Denis is currently impossible to win?

– I do not have one, but about the other can not say anything, everything is solved in the fight. But in fact he is one of the strongest armrestlerov world.

– How did you come in arm wrestling?

– Initially, I was just doing to their health. One participated in competitions in weightlifting in Sochi. From the first time won the athlete, who was European champion Kote Razmadze. Later he became my coach and friend. After three months, I have successfully made the championship of Russia, then Europe, then the world.

– Here at the event are two types of power of martial arts: the classic arm wrestling and armfayt. Not all readers know how they differ from each other.

– Armfayt – an invention of Igor Mazurenko, when only two athletes should hold six matches, which can be determined by the result of the strong. Personally, I love the classic arm-wrestling when rivals are constantly changing.

– Does the process of preparing for and armfaytu arm wrestling?

– Of course. By armfaytu, in my opinion, easier to prepare. Here one opponent, who are learning to fight and under which korrektiruesh his technique. The classic arm wrestling to prepare thoroughly: it is necessary to raise the PFD, the level of force to be able to fight in different ways and be prepared for any eventuality.

– Bob and arm wrestling – two completely different sports. How is it that you have gone out of rukoborya in bobsledding?

– Objectively speaking, arm wrestling – a sport that shows what a person ligament. If a person has a good bunch, he is strong and explosive. When I’m in the business of armsport, I was pretty explosive, could start quickly and win. Then I decided to try my hand at bobsled – a sport which is gaining momentum overseas, but we have not been popular. I tried it and I did. I realized that I could push a bobsled armsport and armsport a bobsled.

– You are the owner of the silver and bronze medals, the Olympic Winter Games. The fans expect from you the highest standard of prestigious medal games. How will you prepare for the 2014 Olympics in Sochi?

– We have specific training. I accelerate, so must be the most powerful, fast and explosive. These qualities can be pumped at the gym, which I do. The main part of my preparation to begin in October or November.I’ll start actively pumping legs, do the post. When lift GPP will practice the power running. Before the Olympics, I plan to speak at the World and European championships, as well as in the World Cup in Sochi, will test new Olympic track.

– How to combine training in arm wrestling and bobsled?

– Now I do not advocate arm wrestling on a professional level, so I just rocked. As soon as I consider that to get back to armsport (and I’ll make sure it), then give up specialized training in bobsleigh and start special training on rukoboryu. At the same time prepare for these two types will not work – they are too different. In bobsleigh muscles should be soft and maximally stretched, while armrestlerov – rigid, with concrete corners to make one powerful and explosive spurt.

– Tell us about your diet?

– Now I’ve switched to adequate food species, academician Alexander Ugolev described in the book “The Theory and nutrition and trophic ecology” (1991). I herbivorous and carnivorous, and frugivorous. So I do not eat meat, and drink the fruits, vegetables, and fruits. In winter, eat meals on the water. After the transition to a vegetarian diet, I feel better, stressoutoychivost increased, increased speed and strength. The fact that the microflora, which synthesizes hormones, prohormones, gives us all free. You just need to eat the right foods, among which the meat is not included.

– Do you use protein shakes for muscle growth?

– No, I did almost never drank, because they have not assimilated.

– From the chest now what weight presses?

– Recently, 180 kg twice raised. But I’m not actively swinging. I rest in the summer.

– And your personal record on press of a bar from the chest?

– Maximum 240 kg twice a narrow grip.

– And in the weightlifting would never want to act?

– No, it’s not really my thing. Although it is very beautiful and spectacular view, I wonder not fight with a bar, and a live opponent.

– Some athletes like Gary Goodridge, went out of arm wrestling in combat sports. And you would not want to try their hand at martial arts?

– I have another dream, so I will do my best to implement it, I will firmly deal with politics.

– At the 2012 Olympics in London is not going to go?

– We would like to go as a fan, but I could not. Unfortunately, there is no time, but I worry about all the Russian athletes participating in the Games.

– Did you make any predictions about the performance of the Russian team at the Olympic Games 2012 in London?

– Forecasts Weather Center does, but they do not always coincide with reality. You can even make predictions in roulette, bet on “zero” or color. Our team was preparing hard for the Olympics, so it shows the results for which it is capable. A reading tea leaves have been taken.

– You always say that any athlete must be a patriot and to triumph of his country. What do you think of the behavior of Russian football after Euro 2012?

– Athletes – people who are always in the spotlight. Press can make them heroes or bulldoze a plinth, a stone was left. No matter how they were made, you can not find fault their athletes. Andrei Arshavin was an emotional crash after the unfortunate performances of the team, so he threw a sloppy phrase. And the press for which he leveled with dirt. We are all people, not robots. And athletes – people explosive, impulsive. Anyway for future competitions in football, we will invite the same folks who were recently unsuccessful.

– Mixed Martial Arts in the country have now become extremely popular. Many new tournaments: M-1 Fighter, Fight Nights, PROFC, M-1 Challenge, Dictator FC it.d. What to bring arm wrestling on the same level?

– It is necessary to tell more about this sport, maintain a neat campaign, putting special tables for arm wrestling in school and on the playground, it is better to work with the press. In general, this question should be solved at the level of government, because otherwise we will go from talented guys and accomplished athletes. Naturally, rukobortsa hurt that they do not value the same as Olympians.

– The other side of the popularity of sports – the emergence of a large number of organizations and psevdochempionskih versions. Not only fans, but also experts are confused who the real champion, who faked.

– A large number of organizations, federations, promoters always is good for the sport, because it means that the sport develops. Ordinary people will be confused and confused, but explain to them who really deserves the title of champion, should the competent press. Thanks to you all understand who the real champion, and who – a PR project. And to get rid of the fake champions, simply hold unification fights that dot the «i». ”


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