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INTERVIEW: Dave Chaffee on Arm Wrestling Nation Radio 17 │ 13 September 2013

Dave Chaffee - Triple Crown winner 2012 │ Photo Source: Heather Chaffee
Dave Chaffee – Triple Crown winner 2012 │ Photo Source: Heather Chaffee
From 25:00 in the show, Dave Chaffee announced that he will be attending , because he was contacted by  who made him an offer that he couldn’t refuse. Dave Chaffee wants to get his revenge from  because of what happened at Arnold Classic 2011 (see the video below). Dave also wants to beat many other great armwrestlers: .
From 31:30 Dave says that most of his career his weight was about 250 – 255 lb. (113 – 116kg), and sometimes would cut to 242 lb. (110kg). But right now, training for , he is 270 – 275 lb.  (122 – 125kg) – as strong as he’s ever been. He will try to keep this weight, maybe even gain some few pounds. He feels pretty good at this weight.
Dave Chaffee is a prison guard, he works at Erie County Prison.
From North America, Dave Chaffee wants to pull  and .


Special Edition of Arm Wrestling Nation Radio this Friday Sept 13 at 5pm E.S.T my guest will be Dave Chaffee.

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Denis Cyplenkov – Dave Chaffee semi final Arnold Classic 2011

Source: Igor Mazurenko

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