Interview: Denis Cyplenkov on Armpower.NET │28 December 2012

Denis Cyplenkov
Denis Cyplenkov winner of 


” Denis Cyplenkov hasn’t shown up too often at the table this year. He only took part in the tournament “A1” and … entered politics.

Is it going to be like that forever? Let’s ask.

Hi Denis, how would you assess the passing year?

Denis Cyplenkov (well-known for talking a lotwink)

Very well! I participated in the “A1” and I’m happy with the result.

Why do you take part in the tournaments so rarely?

Denis: Now I’ve got a lot of work related to my political activity for the local government in one of the districts of Moscow.

Does this mean that you’re giving up participating in tournaments?

Denis: No, but I choose only the “treats”.

Do you have the time to train?

Denis: I’m always in shape!

So what are your plans for 2013?

Denis: For sure I will participate in the “A1” again. My duties allow me to participate in two or three events a year. So, if you have some other, interesting suggestion, let me know. I’m waiting!

Sure! We wish you a healthy, fruitful and prosperous year full of success. Happy New Year!

Denis: Thank you! I wish all the best to the readers of, fans, and all those to whom Armwrestling means a lot!

PeSzy “

Source: Armpower.NET

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