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INTERVIEW: Devon Larratt about Top 16 │ by Аrtur Grigorian

Devon Larratt - NO LIMIT │ Photo Source: Jamieson Lalande [edited by]
Devon Larratt – NO LIMIT │ Photo Source: Jamieson Lalande [edited by]

TOP-16 is ahead. You will take part in the project. Tell us about it in details.

TOP-16… I am very excited and very glad at the same time that I will participate. Now I can say for sure that I am not sitting idly by, so I will be ready for everything.

The armfight between Tsyplenkov and you is coming next year. What do you think, could you overcome Denis?

I am ready to fight with Denis in left hand. My right will be ready for the TOP-16 start. I will use all my potential to win with Denis.

Your victory over Zhokh was confident, but many people still give first round to Oleg. Do you want to meet again with Zhokh in an armfight?

I’d like to fight with Oleg once again. He is a very talented young man. We both weren’t fresh when we fought in Vegas. If there will be another armfight between us, it will erase all doubts.

Whom would you like to fight most of all?

I’d like to fight with Tsyplenkov, Usmanli and Binnie in left hand. And it would be interesting to fight with Tsyplenkov and Usmanli too and Voyevoda and Todd

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