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Interview: Devon Larratt on Armpower.NET │30 December 2012

Devon Larratt VS. Andrey Pushkar │ ARMFIGHT #42 – VENDETTA IN VEGAS – 28-06-2012
Devon Larratt VS. Andrey Pushkar │ 


” Hi Devon! Which performance are you most proud of?

The victory I am most proud of is when I beat Ron Bath in 2006.

As an athlete – how do you assess your performance in the passing year?
This was a difficult year for me, facing my injury and working on putting it into a good place, this has been my main focus this past year.. I expect it will continue that way for some time still…

Do you feel unsatisfied about anything?
The only regrets I have in this sport are that I feel that I put too much pressure on myself to do well at the beginning of my training. I believe I should of stayed in my weight class a bit longer, allowed my arm to mature more slowly.

Which competitor surprised you this year?
The only thing that I can say is surprising to me right now is that I feel there is a grassroots increase right now in the A.W. world. I don’t think it has been that way for a while. So I guess it is more that there are a lot of new up and coming armwrestlers that are doing very well.

Has any tournament, event, competition made a big impression on you?
The developments in Europe professionally – A1 is great news for the future of professional Armwrestling, and the trend for WAF to become more highly valued due to government recognition, and many countries taking steps in that direction.

Which fight, which competitors do you consider the best this year?
Michael Todd, Denis Cyplenkov, Andrey Pushkar in the open, Todd Hutchings had a great year (to bad about his injury.. I feel his pain loll!!). Any woman from Sweden, of course Zoloev. There are many guys in the shadows in this sport.. these are of course the ones we see more…

What are your plans for 2013?

I would love to due more one on ones, but if this seems to fade, I will hit tournaments.

Who would you like to fight with?

Left hand – ANYBODY!!! Highest I would say – Denis, Genadi, and Wagner. Right hand .. not ready yet for anybody.. lol .. in time I will be ready.

Best regards on behalf of the readers.
Thank you very much, and all the best for all Armwrestlers.

PeSzy “

Source: Armpower.NET