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Many thanks to Nino Salvatore Fernandez for this interview with Ivan Portela.
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1 What time do you train arm wrestling and how did you get so interested in this?

I train two to three days a week, about 4 hours. My hobby is due to my father. From when I was small, I have been interested in the sport of arm wrestling, my father found it funny that so small I arm wrestled his friends and won . One day I met Miguel Angel Duran. Then I started this sport with more vigor and I would like to thank Miguel today.

2 Who is the Armwrestler that you most admire and why?

In Spain without doubt it is my great friend and mentor “Quinito” Joaquín Garrido Laso. And it would be John Brzenk internationally.

3 What plans do you have within your future life and what are your aspirations for this sport?

To ensure that this sport, will be recognized as such…as a sport. AND as an Olympic recognized sport too.
And also, to possibly renew in some way the titles from arm wrestling… this would not be a bad thing

4 What other sports do you practice?

Currently I only train as a bodybuilder and practice Armwrestling . Before I did a little bit of everything, boxing more than anything but is a very complete sport,…

5 What advice do you have for young people and children that want to start?

I would say that they have the get up and go to do the sport, that there are no secrets, you win more the better trained you are. Everything will happen, every effort will be rewarded. As they say: Respect everybody and do not be afraid of anyone.

6 In addition to this sport discipline, what plans you have for your future?

7 What do you think is the best technique within arm wrestling?

I don’t think that any technique is better than another but the best mode is its use. I remember that I have always been told, you can never win a world only by pulling from the inside.

8 What has been your biggest disappointment in the sport?

We do not have the same coverage in the media as other sports. There is currently no aid for promoters, city councils, etc…

This is just a fragment, read the full interview on:
Ivan Portela, 22 January 2014 │ Photo Source: Nino Salvatore Fernandez
Ivan Portela vs. Kevin Berberich – ARM WARS “FAHRENHEIT”, 08 – 09 October 2011 │ Photo Source: Sonia Miras
Ivan Portela & Nino Salvatore Fernandez at ARM WARS “FAHRENHEIT”, 08 – 09 October 2011 │ Photo Source: Sonia Miras

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