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INTERVIEW: John Brzenk │ 2013 Slovak television TA3

Published on 1 Aug 2013

John Brzenk interview in Slovak television TA3.
Copyright TA3 & Mr. Mario Porubec.

Source: ArmwrestlingSK

In the first part John Brzenk talks about what happened at the . Next he talks about his early years when he started armwrestling and the matches with his father. He talks also about how to get his adrenaline up before the match (playing poker before the match is one option :)). John says that at his current age (48 during the interview, 49 at this moment) he still enjoys the sport and he will not quit armwrestling. He lowered his expectations and will try to get rid of the pressure he puts on him because everyone sees him as a legend who never loses. John also tells that he never was afraid to lose, and he will just try to give his best.

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