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INTERVIEW: Sergey Tokarev │by

Sergey Tokarev is the current European Armwrestling Champion – both hands, because Genadi Kvikvinia was on this list: EuroArm 2013 – DOPING CONTROL RESULTS. We are waiting for the official EAF confirmation, but to my knowledge all the athletes from that list were confirmed.
Andrei Chipreanov already received his gold and silver medals, because Timur Mamedov was also confirmed. The RESULTS: Euroarm 2013 – All results, team results will soon be changed, after the official European Armwrestling Federation (EAF) announcement.
Below you can read the Google Translation of an interview with Sergey Tokarev taken by  for
Sergey Tokarev - Euroarm 2013 │ Photo Source: Mark Kazus
Sergey Tokarev – Euroarm 2013 │ Photo Source: Mark Kazus

Original articleIronWorld.ruGoogle Translate:

Sergey Tokarev: “I really want to go back to the system and to fight the guys”

Sergey Tokarev, European and world champion, Merited Master of Sports of Ukraine in arm wrestling, continuing the fall season tournaments armsportu, shared his impressions of his performances at the World Cup and spoke about their students.

IRON WORLD: At the World Cup this year, you’re not on a pedestal, what has caused your such a statement?
Sergey Tokarev: At the moment trying to get rid of injuries plaguing me with the European Championship. If everything works out, then I will certainly fight to “Nemiroff”, I want to return to a system and to fight the guys, but you need as much hands heal.

JM: This year Denis Tsyplenkov will speak on “Nemiroff”, who do you think will be able to resist him?
ST: It depends on who comes. In recent years there has been a trend that all but a couple of people, give him a hand so as not to “clog”. If we assume that everything is possible, then, I think, after Zaruba, for example, with Andrey Pushkar, Lupkesom and reinstated John Brzenk all be drastically changed. After all, it is clear that Dennis with his power actually win only a good poobtrepav.

JM: You’re talking about his students, and who are they? Already there who boast?
ST: At the level of the world and Europe yet, but for the next Cup ride Dmitriy Kharchenko, Vitaly Latyshev, Bogdan Reznichenko and Alexey Vasiliev. I think some of the names are already known to the championship of Ukraine this year and then the championship will become even more famous. Give a little more time, and the result will be.

JM: Wow, a lot of names, I believe, the students – a continuation of you.
ST: In a way, of course, is a continuation of the traditions Alchevsky arm wrestling, and here, too, can not blunder, everything must be treated as a job, and then get the appropriate results. We in the Luhansk region currently open for two Youth armsportu the first time in 10 years took place on the field armsportu Cup, open halls, a new wave, so expect in the near future, new names!

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Genadi Kvikvinia – Sergey Tokarev │ Photo Source: Mark Kazus


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