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INTERVIEW: Terence Opperman │by Armpower.NET

Terence Opperman │ Image Source: Armpower.NET
Terence Opperman │ Image Source: Armpower.NET

You’ve already participated in Nemiroff, how do you remember it?

My first time was in 2009, taking fourth place in the 95 kg category. I’m very pleased with that score.

Now you’re entering again.

Yes, I intend to fight in the under 95 kg category.

What do your preparations look like?

Everything is going according to the plan. I’m paying special attention to training the hook. World Championship, that is, the fight with Krasimir, showed me that my hook is weak and needs more attention.

What goals do you set for yourself in order to prepare?

I’m working long and hard to prepare for Nemiroff. I’m now at the last stage of these preparations. I’m expecting to qualify in the first five in my category.

Maybe it’s a trivial question, but I’ll ask: can John Brzenk reclaim his old position as the world champion of armwrestling?

I believe he will be first in his category, or at least in the top three.

The spotlight is on Denis Cyplenkov, every armwrestler wants to defeat him. Can anyone succeed?

No, Denis has no competition. It’s not just Nemiroff, but in the entire world Cyplenkov is unmatched by anyone.

What about Larratt? Opinions about the potential score of their armfight are divided. What do you think, which side will be victorious?

I’m sure that Devon is not a problem for Denis. I’m expecting 6:0 for Cyplenkov.

This is just a fragment, read the full interview taken by Artur Grigorjan on: Armpower.NET – TERENCE OPPERMAN: “CYPLENKOV IS UNMATCHED BY ANYONE”
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