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INTERVIEW: Vasiliy Sorokin: ArmCalendar, Armwrestling on the Trailer, Russian day of Armwrestling VIDEOS

Vasiliy Sorokin ArmCalendar, Armwrestling on the Trailer, Russian day of Armwrestling │ Collage made by XSportNews
Vasiliy Sorokin ArmCalendar, Armwrestling on the Trailer, Russian day of Armwrestling │ Collage made by XSportNews

I was very impressed by Vasiliy Sorokin‘s armwrestling projects and I really wanted to make an interview with him. I believe he is an inspiration, a living proof that all armwrestlers can promote armwrestling if they really want to get involved. 2 videos are posted after the interview, scroll down.

1. When and how did you start armwrestling ? What motivated you ?
First, I would like to welcome all visitors to the website! And to Express my gratitude for the attention. I came to arm wrestling in 2008, when I began studying in College. This College is functioning, the section of arm wrestling, the coach is the founder of armwrestling in Russia – Igor Akhmedshin.
The main motivation for me was the desire to bring your body in shape. However, after a few sessions the goals have changed. And at the moment my goal is a successful performance at the world Championships

2. When was the turning point for you, the moment when you decided you will get more involved in promoting the sport of armwrestling ?
It was A1 armwrestling Championships 2014, where I happened to be among the volunteers. At that moment I plunged into a different atmosphere, the atmosphere behind-the-scenes arm wrestling. Ever since I became a tournament organizer, has created several projects that help to develop armwrestling in Russia and the CIS.

3. How do you think we can help this sport grow ?
First, and perhaps most important – access to TV and radio channels. Armwrestling the necessary connections with a large audience. Arm wrestling in the minds of ordinary people filled with prejudices and stereotypes. Which, of course, plays into our hands. Arm wrestling have something to say to a General audience. But tournament organizers, who are able to create a picture on the TV screen, ready to show the audience the beauty and entertainment of our beloved sport of arm wrestling.

4. Tell me about your projects, and the people involved in them.
The first project is a calendar of events. – This project was established immediately after A1 2014. Our team constantly hunting tournaments throughout Russia. We collect regulations and forthcoming tournaments, host them on our website and social networks. At the moment, the audience of the project is about 5-6 thousand people. These projects we help organizers to gather more participants, to attract attention to the event. We also produce the registration for the tournaments, the creation of posters and other promotion.

The second project is arm wrestling on the trailer. In February of 2016 was bought with a conventional trailer for a passenger car to the construction of the project. A few months later, the most common trailer turned into a mobile stage with a table for arm wrestling. In the summer, once a week we organize practices and tournaments on an armwrestling in the busiest parts of the city. This project is very much attracts the attention of passers-by. For the summer 2016 season held 12 events on the trailer. Collected a lot of photo and video materials with vivid emotions and a friendly atmosphere.

The third all – Russian day of arm wrestling. In 2014, together with the Federation of armwrestling of Russia was organized the national day of arm wrestling in which all cities and regions of Russia armwrestlers gather for events of any size. Arm wrestling is a big family, and this holiday is an occasion to meet the whole family at the table for arm wrestling. More details about this project can visit the website

5. What are your goals for the future ?
It is planned to further develop armwrestling in Russia and abroad, and the more everyone will know in the near future on the website )))

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