Ivan Matyushenko wins Open tournament “Lefty” │RESULTS – 13 January 2013

Ivan Matyushenko – Open tournament “Lefty” │13 January 2013 –  Source: Открытый турнир “ЛЕВША”
Ivan Matyushenko – Open tournament “Lefty” │13 January 2013 – Source: Открытый турнир “ЛЕВША”
Ivan Matyushenko wins Open tournament “Lefty” │13 January 2013 – Source: Открытый турнир “ЛЕВША”
Open tournament “Lefty” │13 January 2013 – Source: Открытый турнир “ЛЕВША”
Diana Khalilova Vs. Anastasia Kopyeva – Open tournament “Lefty” │13 January 2013 – Source: Открытый турнир “ЛЕВША”
Diana Khalilova Vs. Anastasia Kopyeva – Open tournament “Lefty” │13 January 2013 – Source: Открытый турнир “ЛЕВША”
Diana KhalilovaAnastasia Kopyeva – Open tournament “Lefty” │13 January 2013 – Source: Открытый турнир “ЛЕВША”

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Tournament results “Lefty” (13/01/2013)

” January 13, 2013 held the first open tournament “Lefty.” He held, as the name implies, only the left hand. 
The competition was attended by more than 50 athletes and skill levels – from beginners to masters of sports of international class! 
The tournament was held in a friendly, fun, but stressful environment and, as All athletes have tried to tune in to the maximum their fights and show their full potential. Were shouting, arguing, intense fights, in general, everything is as it should be in such competitions. 

The men in the category of 70kg Kosyanov Denis was the first, second place in Prostomolotova Aleksendra, third from Konstantin Ryzhov, only in this category was represented by 6 people.

The largest category was for men to 80kg, it registered 15 participants. Obeditelem P Armfayte in the final with a 3-1 win Maxim Filippov (MC MC, winner of Russia and Europe), the second was Motorin Dmitry (MS, multiple champion of Moscow and Universities Moscow), and the third Andreev Vitaly (MMR). I note that many of the winners of Moscow and the region could not get into the top three of the tournament, it Chernyak Cyril Screwtape Dmitri Shapkin Alexander Sorokin and Basil.

In the 90kg category was announced 13 people. First place at Tsitsishvili Alexander, second from Anton Gerasimov, and the third was Dzhioev Vladimir. There are also many strong fighters got to the top three – Beritashvili Ivan (IPU, the world champion in power grip), the cell-mate Alexander (CCM medalist s MoscowUniversity), Boris Sorokin (MMR), Akutin Alex (CCM), and so on.

Well, the strongest category is over 90kg, it fought 12 athletes. First place and won the unconditional champion and winner of international championships Matyushenko Ivan, second place went to the master of sports, winner of Russia and many commercial tournaments Kudinov Anton, third left for Solopov Nicholas.

Girls, unfortunately, was not enough, but what! 60kg took first place Kopiev Anastasia – master of sports and multiple medalist in Moscow, the second place was taken by Diana Khalilov – master of sports, a champion of Moscow, multiple champion of Moscow universities, third left for Korobeinikova Catherine.

And the girls over 60kg winner was Mantsikaynen Hope – MSIC, medalist Russia and international championships, second place went Chashkin Ludmilla – champion of Russia among the veterans!

All competitors received a card from the store sports nutrition Viofit, making it possible to use the 5% discount on all their products. And all the awardees received discount cards for 10%. 
The company also awarded all winners FitMax brand shakers. 
Magazine “Iron World” presented to all winners of its latest issue of the magazine with the DVD video of training in arm sport! 
Were also given different vitamin drinks, caps on Powerlifting Federation and many more.

I want to thank the management of the fitness center 100% for provision of facilities and assistance for the tournament!

I hope this will become an annual event and we will try to attract more and more sponsors! 
Thank you all for participating!

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(Translated with Google Translate)

place Name
Girls up to 60kg
1 Kopiev Anastasia
2 Khalilov Diana
3 Korobeinikova Anastasia
Women over 60kg
1 Mentsikaynen Hope
2 Chashkin Ludmila
Men under 70kg
1 Kasyanov Denis
2 Prostomolotov Alexander
3 Konstantin Ryzhov
4 Yakubov Sherzod
5 Gvantseladze Alexander
6 Averyanov Artem
Men under 80kg
1 Maxim Filippov
2 Motorin Dmitry
3 Vitaly Andreev
4 Bayanduryan Arthur
5 Victor Fomin
6 Screwtape Dmitry
7 Chernyak Cyril
8 Alekhine
9 Anton Ovchinnikov
10 Dmitry Tkachenko
11 Vasily Sorokin
12 Tilidze Dzhambulat
13 Dmitry Trafimentsev
14 Anton Klimov
15 Shapkin Alexander
Men up to 90kg
1 Tsitsishvili Alexander
2 Anton Gerasimov
3 Vladimir Dzhioev
4 The lay brother Alexander
5 Beritashvili Ivan
6 Igor Dubin
7 Fefelov Constantine
8 Sergei Zhurov
9 Boris Sorokin
10 Alexander Doroshenko
11 Sergei Khristenko
12 Valentin Gerasimov
13 Alex Akutin
Men over 90kg
1 Ivan Matyushenko
2 Kudinov Anton
3 Solopov Nicholas
4 Vladimir Levushkin
5 Andrew Zhegulin
6 Mikhail Morozov
7 Sergei Polishchuk
8 Dmitry Artemenkov
9 Gorbatenko Cyril
10 Alex Podguzov
11 Anatoly Afanasyev
12 Grinkin Igor


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