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John Brzenk can’t compete in WAL New Orleans 2015

John Brzenk 2015 │ Image Source: John Brzenk [edited by XSportNews]
John Brzenk 2015 │ Image Source: John Brzenk [edited by XSportNews]
Although he qualified, John Brzenk can’t compete in , because of the TV rights.

(Read the comments, if you click the red links in the names you will be sent to the original location of the comments – a photo posted by Allison Renoos Hutchings with Toddzilla packing many grey shirts for New Orleans 🙂 )

Chris Mallon John R Brzenk will you be gracing us with your presence??

John R Brzenk Chris …Even though I qualified I can not sign over all my armwrestling rights to WAL.
So I’ll sit home and wait for the champions to be posted on Facebook

Adam Garrison But John Brzenk I know you competed at the one in Vegas I believe so can’t you compete in this one even though your contracted to the UAL?

John R Brzenk The short answer is NO Believe me I tried … UAL would allow me to pull as long as I didn’t have to sign my rights away to WAL …
WAL has stated they need all the athletes under their contract to in turn give ESPN the ok to be on TV ..
So I guess As far as I can tell TV is keeping some people at home

Now back to the subject …
Not having to waste brain power on fashion !

(Many thanks to Daniel Frisi for the help with finding the comments.)

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