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John Brzenk is giving shirts from past events for free, shipping included :)

John Brzenk
John Brzenk │Photo Source: John R Brzenk

John R Brzenk in Armwrestling John – Engin:

” OK , so I was doing a little clean up today ! I have a huge box in my basement with t shirts from past events … Got to get rid of them … Was thinking of sending one t shirt a week to anyone that would want one on this board … FREE I’ll even pay for shipping 🙂 just need to figure out a fair method 🙂 ”

”  Ok Engin , I’ll let you be in charge of the game … I was thinking of something easier like placing a number on the back of it between one and a hundred each week … The one who is closest gets it ! ”

” I do have a few Yukon jack”

” I’ll take a picture of one each Sunday … Starting tomorrow … And I’ll assign a number to it somehow ??? “

” I’ll only show the time stamped photo with the number to my wife 🙂 until the following week !!! Will this work ?

Engin Terzi John you could make a few grands with those shirts but you choose to send them for free.. i respect this !

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The rules are changed, you don’t have to write a number anymore to get the shirt, you only have to like the post with the shirt in Armwrestling John – Engin, according to John Brzenk:

John R Brzenk  – Armwrestling John – Engin:

” So … I didn’t think this through very well .. But now I have a better handle on it 🙂 still going to give two 1999 WAF shirts away on Thursday practice . But this is what I can see … On my iPhone the order you hit like stays in order … So keep track of your number when you hit it … It should stay pretty close unless others before you unlike after liking 🙂 ??? I’ll count from the bottom up !!! And I found a cool Random number generator App that I will hit on Thursday night while being video taped … It will pick a random number between 1 and the highest number we have each week on the like counter !!! So this should be the easiest and we can have as many that want to list each week … So as Devon would say … No limits. ! ”

Source: John R Brzenk  – Armwrestling John – Engin

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