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VIDEO: John Brzenk on Korean TV │Channel A, 07 July 2013

[종합뉴스]국내 최고 선수들 모조리 꺽어…50세 ‘팔씨름’ 세계 챔프 (Google Translate: [General News] Korea’s best players kkeokeo them all … 50-year-old ‘arm wrestling’ World Champ)


John R Brzenk (Armwrestling John – Engin): ” Korea has a solid dedicated group of armwrestlers I was very surprised at the level and eagerness to learn and excel. They all seemed like one big team ready to work together to become better ! Had a great time spending the day with them yesterday !!! Thank you ! “


Before the event this very strange situation happened, because of the Korea Armwrestling Association KAA:

Seung-Min Kenneth Bae (Armwrestling John – Engin):

” John’s visit to Korea and supermatches with MLA Korea members were supposed on the biggest TV show in Korea, but it was cancelled this morning – because THE KOREAN ARMWRESTLING ASSOCIATION has visited the broadcasting company and told them MLA Korea members do not deserve to represent Korea (with threatening gesture according to producers). Members of Asian Armwrestling Association, European Armwrestling Federation, World Armwrestling Federation…what do you think about this situation? ”

” If anyone from AAF, EAF, WAF reads this, please explain how come this situations can be happening as Korea Armwreslting Association is an umbrella group of AAF, thus WAF. ”

” Yes, KAA is the recognized federation under WAF although they do not have a WAF table and do not follow WAF rules in Korea. The armwrestling community I’m running has two tables corresponding to WAF specs (Mazurenko tables) and follows WAF rules. ”

” Armwrestling in Korea is growing…and it could be recognized as a pro sport through this TV show with John Brzenk. Now, the chance is gone…and I’m not sure how long I should be waiting for another chance.

Dear members of WAF or world of armwerstling.
Why…Why should we have suffered from this shame situations? ”

” That’s what I do not understand, but the broadcasting company told me that they do not want to go though complicated issue, and “Federation / Association” seems to be translated as “Power” to the people in general. ”

” I’m going to write an official letter to AAF and WAF very soon. I can’t believe I’m discussing this embarrassing situation, but it seems necessary. ”

” Yes, John vs 6 Korean armwrestlers will happen as scheduled, but the national TV show won’t happen. So, I will record the whole event and upload on Youtube, facebook, etc. ”

” Philip, I’m currently looking for another TV show, but the problem is that we only have a few days left and most tv shows have already scheduled their jobs this week. Anyway, I will do my best to make John’s trip worthwhile. ”

John R Brzenk (Armwrestling John – Engin): ” Anyone going out of their way to be destructive of others efforts in promoting this sport should be ashamed of themselves and should take a serious look at way they are involved in this sport in the first place …. “

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