VIDEO: John Brzenk – Over The Top final match │John Brzenk’s best shape discussion

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This is a great video with John Brzenk from ARMSPORT VIDEOS, made by Ian “The Grippler” Carnegie with matches from the past including the final match of the famous 1986 Over The Top, won by John Brzenk (3:30 in the video – “John Brzenk: Part 1”):

John Brzenk – Final Over The Top match │ Image Source: – John Brzenk: Part 1
Click on the image to see the video. This image is taken from “John Brzenk: Part 1” but there is also a Part 2 on – John Brzenk


Next you can read a discussion about John Brzenk’s best shape, from Armwrestling John – Engin:

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John R Brzenk The lower part of my wrist still gets inflamed very easily it’s just barely good enough to keep me from having a MRI on it ! Getting old 🙂 nothing will heal 😉 2008 isn’t my best shape … More like 1986 Over the Top shape ! 🙂

John R Brzenk I was MUCH more explosive as a younger adult !

Fabio Nimis John you had said that you peaked in your late 20s/early 30s, now you say Over the Top that means your early 20s, you have to decide my friend!!  ) just joking 🙂 you surely were more explosive when you were young with healthy joints and you had a better had control that time, but, if we talk about pure arm strength, not explosiveness, I mean hook, side pressure and toproll with the STRAPS already applied, which condition of your career would you choose as your absolute best? I personally vote for Vegas 2006 🙂 when you said that you were on a sirious mission to beat Voevoda! (who was supposed to come back in aw that year…)..

*better HAND control I meant, without the strap

John R Brzenk Impossible for me to guess ! To many variables , strength , power , speed , mind set ,confidence, health !! There were many times I was running in all cylinders ! Can’t pick out one time to say … Oh yes , I was my best this day !

Fabio Nimis Thank you for answer John, I understand… Ok, so I must decide for you too 🙂 and I decide Vegas 2006! 😉 end of discussion. 🙂 🙂

Joking aside John, if you could choose more than a option between all the best conditions you have had during your whole career in all the tournaments and supermatches you pulled, not only a single peak, would you still answer exactly the same to my question??… I WANT a real answer John  🙂 🙂

John R Brzenk My weight has been between 210 and 225 my whole life … I was probably 220 at over the top in 1986 … I might be 225 at 2006 Vegas pulling Farid ! Best shape is hard to define … I had A lot of energy to work out harder and longer when I was younger . I could pull for hours after an event and be little to no fatigue !! I had a set back in the late 80’s when I threw my shoulder out .. Tearing my labrum … Which I currently got fixed … So before that event might have been some of my strongest years on the table !
Hard to say because the amount and level might not be the same as it is today … Although maybe it was ! I’m pretty sure I had a very good level compared to the rest of the world during this period! If I had to say a specific date I would say right before I threw my shoulder out … 88 89 or so ?? I remember clearly beating Ron easily one week and then just barely getting by him two weeks later … Cleve , lupkus , Arnold , Norton ,walker … were no slouches in 86 and I think I could have been very effective against them all that year !  I had the most confidence that I could beat anyone during this time !

Source: Armwrestling John – Engin

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