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KING’s move – Is this armwrestling ?

Mac Stop Sign Telle Vs. Tim Lewis - UAL 2011 - Harrahs Lake Tahoe King Of The Hill Showdown
Mac Stop Sign Telle Vs. Tim Lewis – UAL – Harrahs Lake Tahoe King Of The Hill Showdown – May 1, 2011Source:

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🙂 Now it has a name – KING’s move. 🙂

(The name of the armwrestler who first called this move is unknown, it will remain a great mystery)

  • I guess the debate about this will never end, so here are some new comments from John Brzenk and Devon Larratt (click on the red names, you will be sent to the location of the comment in Armwrestling John – Engin, and you can like it):

Devon Larratt Break arms… Dangerous position… It is an interesting topic. I personally believe that at the pro level there should be no dangerous position foul, i even believe there should be things done at that level to facilitate greater movement on the table (get rid of the pegs to hold with the off hand) anyways. I have seen Many break arms in my time of armwrestling, seems like there are many more these days than when i started the sport. 98% of the breaks i have seen in person (not the youtube breaks) have happened in completely good position.. nothing a ref could have done to stop it. I have personally never witnessed an arm break with someone doing “THE KING”S MOVE”.. It makes me wonder alot about dangerous position, if that is really the issue.. anyways I know of many people who have hurt themselves pulling against the King’s move.. Makes me wonder which is really the more dangerous position..

John R Brzenk The sport has to be kid friendly. This direction will make the sport more accepted and mainstream . NOT the crazy professional rules…for the sake of the TV spectators. When a thousand young adults arrive from schools across the country . We will have succeeded in bringing the correct promotion and benefits of sport to the masses. Are we losing sight of why this sport is good healthy fun for everyone interested in competition ! Lets not try to turn this into something it’s not … Just because you think it might be good for ratings …and what is this Kings move ???
Bob Brown The Kings move is what Micheal Todd and Crazy George do.
Bob Brown I am not sure who first called it that. But its funny
John R Brzenk Professional football players dont need any protection either . They make enough to know if the really need a helmet … Wow can you imagine what that would do for ratings …Wish the. NFL would just listen to me 🙂
Mete Han KING’s move !!! long live the king :)))
John R Brzenk Is this sit down wrestling .. With a missing seat 🙂
John R Brzenk The Shame lies with the major promotors that will continue to allow this to be ok Just because they think its good for ratings or is exciting for the spectator . If it continues this sport will turn into a bad joke . I would shake my head with disgust if I seen kids armwrestling this way across a cafeteria table !!!
Oh yes they couldn’t … Because they couldn’t get low enough … Also ” This is only for highly trained pros “

13 thoughts on “KING’s move – Is this armwrestling ?”

  1. To the question is this Armwrestling? I must say no. To ask is this Armwrestling? Brings a bigger question. WHAT IS ARMWRESTLING? I say to those who ask ME, " It is The Ultimate Game of Applied Bio-Physics. Because unlike ANY other Sport we do this from a fixed point of contact, the ELBOW. This Style has elbows everywhere, in the air, up off pad. As they lay down, let their upper arm maintain contact with table surface, NOT an elbow. Now come on, being able to use your upper arm, to lift elbow so it now is floating around. Rolling your arm over, I can see their elbows, pointing at camera. Look at these pictures, videos you can touch elbows, now on pads, right here on this screen. So NO! If elbow is not the point of contact, if elbow is NOT the fixed point of leverage, then what is OBJECTIVE HERE? Hey I would say it is one of many attempts to help RATINGS. They want this be to an "Epic Clash" of bulls, horns locked in a deadly struggle, building to a Great Climax. Well this dog DON'T HUNT…

  2. Kings move!? Couldn't be further from it. If you get stretched out, that's one thing but to intentionally drop below the top of the table is not Armwrestling. Granted promoters allow it, that's their call. I believe in the overall it's dangerous and looks unprofessional. Definitely not a fan.

  3. These type of matches has got my attention , on the world level the WAF allows it as long as it not in a neutral or losing position, like Ron said…we'll see with the future beholds…

  4. This is not Armwrestling, more like hanging on for dear life. Kings move, What king would put himself in this position? If this is the future of Armwrestling we need to rethink what we are teaching our students.

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