Letter from WAF General Secretary Mr. Willy Deneumostier │World Armwrestling Federation

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Letter from WAF General Secretary Mr. Willy Denemostier


I thank all the presidents, officials and competitors of the confidence they have repeated for the next four years as general secretary in the world armwrestling federation. I hope they let me do my job to the best interests of everyone, especially the folder “sportaccor.”
I have heard many criticisms of the action our President Fred Roy on this issue and I want to clarify things.
We are trying since 2009 to close this case so important for many fédérations.Monsieur Roy and his team have all that it is complete and can be sent to the commission of aggregation “sport accorded. ‘
Unfortunately, some are struggling to slow the process and do not comply with the obligations in this matter.
I therefore send you the full file “sport accorded” that you can see and I invite you to send me all the documents required for the preparation of this case.
And I hope to introduce to the Committee for the year 2013.
You are, therefore, free to prepare all documents, send me duly sealed and signed, and until December 24 of this year.
Spend this time, organizations will not provide the necessary documents will be fined $ 500 us and other sanctions will be taken by the disciplinary committee of the WAF.
I also invite all continental federations to provide us also their records and complete application “sportacccor.”

You should consult the list of documents that must be provided by all federations affiliated to the WAF and supply in the shortest possible time.

Thanking you for your diligence and hoping this time that everyone working in the right direction, receive, greetings sports.

Willy Deneumostier
Waf’s general secretary

Please see attached file for French and Russian Translations. Letter from WAF General Secretary Mr. Willy Deneumostier

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