List of doping cases in Armwrestling

List of doping cases in armwrestling
List of doping cases in armwrestling │ Poster made by XSportNews using the original image by fotoblend

I spent a lot of time in order to compile this big list / table with the doping cases in Armwrestling. For the older cases I searched on hundreds of topics from different message boards but mainly on northeastboard. Read more about this below the table.

You can click on the red links to see the source and more info.

UPDATE (14 August 2018): The table was updated using the ► DOPING RESULTS: EUROARM 2018, 28th European Armwrestling Championships 2018
List of doping cases in Armwrestling – Sanctioned Athletes
List of doping cases in Armwrestling compiled by XSportNews using all the known cases. Click on the red links to see the source and more details.
WAC – World Armwrestling Championship = WORLDARM
EAC – European Armwrestling Championship = EUROARM
Russian Armwrestling Championship = RUSARM
N.A. = Not Announced
—————————— ———————— —
ChampionshipName SurnameCountrySubstanceSuspension Period DurationEnd of Sanction
2018 EACKashakashvili DavitGeorgiaAdverse Analytical Finding
2018 EACGuner AhmetTurkeyAdverse Analytical Finding
—————————— ———————— —
RussiaDoping24 November 2017 – stripped of medals.
18 December 2017 – lifetime ban
Lifetime Ban
—————————— ———————— —
2017 WACRussiaGW1516, Anastrozole4 Years15.10.2021
2017 WACAnuar AbdikerimKazakhstanStanozolol, Furosemide4 years15.10.2021
2017 WACJozef DvorscakSlovakiaFurosemide2 years04.09.2019
2017 WACTatyana VerinaKazakhstanAdverse Analytical Findingprovisionally suspendedN.A.
2017 WACTatyana TrubinaKazakhstan19-Norandrostenedione4 years08.09.2021
—————————— ———————— —
2017 EACArmando Garcia RamaSpainVery low levels of Prednisolone and PrednisonPublic WarningPublic Warning
2017 EACElena UsatovaRussia19-norandrostenedione4 years28.06.2021
—————————— ———————— —
2016 WACGismat VakilovAzerbaijanDHCMT; Testosterone and testosterone metabolites4 years09.10.2020
2016 WACNiko BajaladzeGeorgiaNandrolone; DHCMT, Testosterone and metabolites4 years04.10.2020
2016 WACShokhrukh AbduyokubouUzbekistan19-norandrosteron4 years08.10.2020
2016 WACAndreii FillipovUkraineTrembolone, Oxandrolone, Testosterone, Testosterone metabolites4 years06.10.2020
2016 WACZufar TazetdinovRussiaNandrolone, Testosterone, Testosterone metabolites4 years06.10.2020
2016 WACMikhail SiminenkoRussiaNandrolone, Meldonium, Testosterone metabolites4 years06.10.2020
2016 WACBurku KorkmazTurkeyFurosemide2 years14.11.2018
—————————— ———————— —
2016 EACFranceMetandienone, an exogenous origin at least one of the Adiols (5aAdiol and/or
5bAdiol) for Androsterone, Etiocholanone
4 years 09.02.2021
2016 EACOmer AYDINTurkeyN.A.
2016 EACRacho GAKHARIAGeorgia19-Norandrostenedione and methandienone methabolites4 years10.08.2020
2016 EACGrigorii VALIEVRussiaTrenbolone4 years10.08.2020
—————————— ———————— —
2015 WACDieter SpannagelGermany4 years14.11.2019
2015 WACIhab RamadanEgypt4 years31.10.2019
2015 WACBerdene MulderSouth Africa4 years31.10.2019
2015 WACAndria Joseph JehaEgypt4 years31.10.2019
2015 WACIlya IlinKazakhstan4 years 2 years31.10.2017
2015 WACMustafa DinleyiciTurkey4 years31.10.2019
2015 WACLenur KataievUkraine4 years31.10.2019
2015 WACLevani UdzilauriGeorgia4 years31.10.2019
2015 WACVladimir MatchenkoKazakhstan4 years31.10.2019
2015 WACGeorgi TsvetkovBulgaria2 years31.10.2017
2015 WACElshan DADAEVUzbekistanFurosemide2 years31.10.2017
—————————— ———————— —
2015 EACAli GurbuzTurkey2 years31.07.2017
2015 EACZarina NuridinovaRussia2 years31.07.2017
2015 EACImiraslan AgashirinovRussia4 years31.07.2019
—————————— ———————— —
2014 WACGela ArabuliGeorgia2 years31.10.2016
2014 WACMaryna ShulykaUkraine2 years31.10.2016
2014 WACBakytzhan SaparbayevKazakhstan2 years31.10.2016
2014 WACAntonio GrimaldiItaly1 year31.10.2015
—————————— ———————— —
—————————— ———————— —
2014 RUSARMAbdula EldarovRussiaBanned For LifeDisqualified for life
2014 RUSARMDzambolat TsorievRussia10 years20.03.2024
2014 RUSARMZelimkhan IsmailovRussia2 years20.09.2016
2014 RUSARMImran NavruzalievRussia2 years20.03.2016
2014 RUSARMNikolai KolesnichenkoRussia2 years20.03.2016
2014 RUSARMGadjimagomed MusaevRussia2 years20.03.2016
2014 RUSARMOmar NurudinovRussia2 years20.03.2016
2014 RUSARMGadzimurad OmarovRussia2 years20.03.2016
2014 RUSARMDavid PlievRussia2 years20.03.2016
2014 RUSARMRobert ChomaevRussia2 years20.03.2016
2014 RUSARMAlexander SheshinRussia2 years20.03.2016
2014 RUSARMSergey ChigirRussia2 years05.03.2016
—————————— ———————— —
Ľubomír JAGNEŠÁKSlovakiatest refusal, did not provide information on the whereabouts15 months21.10.2015
Peter KASANSlovakiatest refusal, did not provide information on the whereabouts15 months21.10.2015
—————————— ———————— —
2013 WAC & Pattaya, Thailand Pavel LUNEVRussiaMethylhexanamine, DHCMT2 years & NEW 2 years30.09.2016
2013 WACAlexander GUSOVRussia2 years2015
2013 WACAliaksandr YANKOVSKIBelarus2 years2015
2013 WACAnatolii SHUSHARINRussia2 years2015
2013 WACValeriy BARANOVKazakhstan2 years2015
2013 WACDmitry TRUBINKazakhstan2 years2015
2013 WACRezo LUTIDZEGeorgia2 years2015
2013 WACOlga TIMUKINAKazakhstan1 year2014
2013 WACSnezhana BABAIEVASlovakia1 year2014
—————————— ———————— —
2013 EACArsen LILIEVRussia2 years2015
2013 EACViktar BRATCHENIABelarus2 years2015
2013 EACDiana BAREEVARussia2 years2015
2013 EACGenadi KVIKVINIAGeorgia2 years2015
2013 EACNatalia GURCIEVARussia2 years2015
2013 EACRuslan MAMEDOVRussia2 years2015
2013 EACRustam BABAIEVUkraine2 years2015
2013 EACTaymuraz TSAKHILOVRussia2 years2015
2013 EACTimur MAMEDOVRussia2 years2015
2013 EACVladislav ZHYHYLIIUkraine2 years2015
2013 EACZaza TABAGARIGeorgia2 years2015
2013 EACSinan PEHLIVANTurkey1 year2014
—————————— ———————— —
2011 WACNormunds TOMSONSLatviaN.A.
2011 WACBahtiar KUBANYCHBEKKyrgyzstanN.A.
2011 WACArsen CHOMAEVRussiaN.A.
2011 WACAbdula ELDAROVRussiaN.A.
2011 WACTatiana ISTOMINARussiaN.A.
—————————— ———————— —
2011 EACMerab KAKABADZEGeorgia2 years30.06.2013
2011 EACIrakli GAMTENADZEGeorgia2 years30.06.2013
2011 EACEldar APPAZOVUkraine2 years30.06.2013
2011 EACOlcay AVSARTurkey2 years30.06.2013
—————————— ———————— —
2010 WACAleksandr FugarovKazakhstanN.A.N.A.
—————————— ———————— —
2010 EACMantas AsmonasLithuania2 years2012
2010 EACAlexander AnfilofejewRussia3 months2010
—————————— ———————— —
2009 WACAlexander FRASHKazakhstanAnabolic androgenic steroids2 years31.12.2011
2009 WACAlexey LEMESHKazakhstanAnabolic androgenic steroids2 years31.12.2011
—————————— ———————— —
2009 EACAlexey SemerenkoUkraineClenbuterol,
(Cannabis Metabolite)
2 years31.07.2011
—————————— ———————— —
2008 EACTIMUR BICHILOVRussiaDrostanolone2 years31.08.2010
2008 EACOLGA GAVRILOVARussiaStanozolol2 years31.08.2010
2008 EACSOFIYA AKHMETGAREEVARussiaStanozolol2 years31.08.2010
—————————— ———————— —
2007 WACDZAMBOLAT TSORIEVRussia2 years31.12.2009
—————————— ———————— —
2006 EACEDUARD MULLAGULOVRussiaStanozolol metabolite2 years2008
2006 EACMURAT KARAEVRussiaMetandienone metabolite 2 years2008
2006 EACUMARBEK SHAKMANOVRussiaStanozolol metabolite2 years2008
2006 EACCHERMEN KHADAEVRussiaMetandienone metabolite 2 years2008
2006 EACVALERY KOSTANOVRussiaMetandienone, Metenolone metabolite2 years2008
2006 EACBORIS POSKARussiaCarboxy thc3 months2006
—————————— ———————— —
2005 WACArtem KlimenkoRussia19-norandrosteron, 19-noretiocholanolone, 3-OH-Stanozolol, Ephimethendiol1 year & 2 months31.12.2006
—————————— ———————— —
One very important find was this Report from Doping Committee copied on northeastboard in 2009:

” Report from Doping Committee
At the 2007 Worlds in Bulgaria ? We had 1 person test positive
DZAMBOLAT TSORIEV from Russia has been suspended for 2 years until December 31, 2009
At the 2008 European Championship in Norway
We had 3 people test positive
They were all given 2 year suspension until August 31, 2010.
We do 20 tests at the World level and 30 tests at the European Level for a total of 50 tests per year. To date, we have done 200 tests and have had 15 positive.
7 from Russia
1 from Slovakia
1 from Brazil
2 from Latvia
1 from Romania
1 from Bulgaria
1 from Uzbekistan
1 from Ukraine
Please note that all tests are conducted by luck of the draw “

This report is very important because it talks about some doping cases from the past without giving the names, only the names of the countries. And if you follow the discussions from that topic you will see that even Engin Terzi never heard about anyone tested positive from those countries. This means that we still don’t know all the names, and I really tried to find them all.

This is not ok considering that according to the 2015 WADA Code (which is now in force): ” 10.13 Automatic Publication of Sanction A mandatory part of each sanction shall include automatic publication, as provided in Article 14.3. ”

Changelog / Update History:

UPDATE (08 March 2018): Jozsef Lovei was added to this table at 2016 EAC (you have to scroll down) because he was listed in the SANCTIONED ATHLETES table from The used substance and the suspension period was updated for other athletes.

UPDATE (14 Feb. 2018): A new public disclosure regarding the doping at EUROARM 2017 (EAC 2017). Armando Garcia Rama took 2nd place in Master Men 70 kg Left and also 2nd place in Master Men 70 kg Right, see ► RESULTS: EUROARM 2017, 27th European Armwrestling Championships 2017. Armando Garcia Rama was added to this table.

UPDATE (19 JANUARY 2018): The suspension period for Sergey Bogoslovov was added from the Russian Armwrestling Federation website (click on the red links, Suspension Period / End of Sanction, to see the source). 3 NEW NAMES WERE ADDED TO THE LIST / TABLE FROM ► WORLDARM 2017 DOPING RESULTS, 39th World Armwrestling Championships 2017 (WAF)

UPDATE (24 JANUARY 2018): Aleksandr Fugarov was added to the list in 2010. Many thanks to Nick Boboc for the info. I searched on northeastboard and there was a doping case after WorldArm 2010, but the name was not made public – 2 threads from northeastboard where this was discussed by Simon Berriochoa: 1. 2010 WAF Test Results, 2. HELLOOO? Doping Result?

UPDATE (12 May 2017): Doping sanctions and the substances used by Gismat Vakilov and Niko Bajaladze were added to the table.

UPDATE (April 2017): Ľubomír JAGNEŠÁK and Peter KASAN were suspended for 15 months (22.7.2014 – 21.10.2015) by the Slovak Anti-Doping Agency (SADA) because they refused to provide information on the whereabouts. They were added to this list.

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