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Mircea Simionescu Simicel about Sweden leaving WAF and EAF

Mircea Simionescu-Simicel
Mircea Simionescu-Simicel –  WAF & EAF General Secretary │ Image Source: facebook

Armwrestling Mircea Simionescu Simicel ► WAC World Armwrestling Community:

” I am sorry for Sweden to withdraw their membership with EAF and WAF. I was expected this and, as I said before, this was the plan from the beginning of PAL / URPA, to rival WAF creating a parallel federation. Anders is talking about the democracy but the status “not in good standing” for Sweden was approved democratically by the big majority of EAF members during EAF congress.

It is not a split is just a filtering or cleaning.

Before you could name it a split because choosing one or another way wouldn’t impact in any way. Now, when WAF is recognized by the highest global sport authority GAISF as the only one governing body for the sport of armwrestling is quite different. Same with WADA, AIMS or IPC. Those recognition were achieved by all WAF members, giving benefits to them and their athletes in many ways.

Choosing another international federation than WAF for membership means to limit your opportunities from the regulated, clean, youth and para armwrestling and be part of an parallel federation not recognized internationally or nationally. There is no need to say that government will never finance athletes or teams which are not members of the recognized international governing body and even at the national level they may have problems recognizing their activities without the accept of the recognized National federations.

Swedish athletes always covered their expenses as individuals to the Europeans and Worlds and this will not change. WAF will accept any athlete from Sweden to compete in WAF and EAF events. And as there is no member for Sweden I am sure WAF will receive new member applications from Swedish clubs which recognize WAF as the governing body for armwrestling. ”

Comments to Mircea’s post in WAC World Armwrestling Community:

Anssi Ainali: “I would like to ask a question. If You will accept and accepted athletes from other federations to compete in European championships, then why You did not accepted two Finnish athletes to compete in Euroarms 2019? I don`t mean that You would not have to accept those other athletes to compete there, not at all, it was right thing to do. But choosing only one member country Federation`s athletes was discrimination and against fair play rules.”

Armwrestling Mircea Simionescu Simicel: “Anssi you knew that athletes who participated in PAL/URPA events could not be registered in EAC but you decided to hide that they participated in Senec and register them. It is your fault you risked this ignoring EAF and WAF decisions. We received a complaint from one member and we asked your representatives which admitted. The other athletes we register didn’t lie and asked EAF for a warning which was granted.”

Armwrestling Mircea Simionescu Simicel: “Annsi when you register them you knew they are not eligible, you hided that.”

Anssi Ainali: “Couple months ago URPA members were not eligible and they are not URPA members. We register our athletes to Euroarm as soon as it was possible as we always have done. After that a lot happened and EAF´s executive committee made new decisions concerning this case. Those two Finnish athletes were banned before EAF`s congress meeting in Greece. I would understand this better if decision would be that EAF would have banned them to next EAF or WAF event so everybody would know already which is congress meetings decision.”

Vazgen Soghoyan: “WAF can’t accept athletes from Sweden to compete in the World or European Championships. It has to be a National Federation registered and recognized in their governing body. Anyone can protest that match and disqualify a Swedish individual. This is a fact.
How about the former best friends to sit and talk about a possible solution of the situation? The cost is the career of hundreds of Swedish athletes. Probably there’s a hypothetical chance to find a solution

Armwrestling Mircea Simionescu Simicel: “WAF can accept other member for Sweden as now doesn’t have one. Member can be any sport non-profit organization from Sweden. After the new organization will become member of WAF they can start recognition procedures at the highest sport authority in Sweden.”

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