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INTERVIEW: Denis Cyplenkov before Nemiroff World Cup 2013 │ by Sutor Strong

Source: Sutor Strong

Roland Kovalenoks ► Armwrestling John – Engin:

” I just watched this entire video (yes I speak Russian) and I have to say I thought of Denis as an asshole before. I no longer feel this way. He is a pretty smart person and at this point in his life he have to choose whats more important, paying his mortgage, truck payment etc or being a good athlete! He said sports are no longer his priority because his bank is not giving him any favors, his payments are due monthly. They asked if he can beat Devon easily and he said definitely no! Maybe first and second round only, he has a ton of respect for him. I have to say if Devon wants to really prove he is the best, he better do it soon before Denis no longer compete. Yes Devon it is called Nemirov or A1 where you show who is Number#1 Just words will not prove. I am willing to pay good part of your trip if you can man up and go.

I have to agree its better Paid in Russia. And that’s what Dennis mentioned to He don’t have to take that much time off work when he competes locally. He said it’s sad to see that most athletes don’t make enough to pay to fix the injuries. So according to what I understood from him I don’t think we’re going to see him on this side of the ocean.

I think we have to agree that this sport even at professional level is a hobby It does not pay anyones bills. Also something needs to be done to make the sport more enjoyable for the rest of the public. The long set up restarts etc. make it boring for most people. One of my friends commented it’s like watching paint dry “

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