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All armwrestlers know , he is many times European and World Champion.
In 2013 he was on the EuroArm 2013 – DOPING CONTROL RESULTS list, therefore he received 2 years disqualification, see DOPING SANCTIONS FOR POSITIVE CASES │ EUROARM 2013. This year in June 2015 his disqualification period will end.
In this new interview taken by  for, Arsen talks about  which this year will take place in ‘s hometown Vladikavkaz, and this will give him a a great responsibility, because there he is the champion, and his fans expect a lot from him. See also ► A1 Russian Open 2015 will take place in Vladikavkaz, North Ossetia–Alania, Russia, MAP
Arsen also said that he resumed the armwrestling training only 2 weeks ago, because in the last 2 years he only focused on business and making money, he didn’t train for armwrestling.

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” Arsen Liliev: “You must be strong enough to not think about how to fight your opponent”

Arsene Liliev – multiple champion of Russia, Europe and the World armsportu absolute winner for armsportu A1. For two years the athlete was disqualified, and this year in June, ends up being punished. Interest in Arsene did not cease all this time, we were interested in an athlete on its activities a year ago ( In connection with the termination of punishment “Iron World” interviewed Arsene where the athlete shared my thoughts on returning to Arm wrestling, spoke about how he sees the situation armsport development at the moment. Get honest, frank interview. As always, Arsene is not afraid to speak their minds!

IRON WORLD: Arsene, tell me whether you are doing it all the time armsportu, trained you?
Arsen Liliev:
By armsportu two years spent five workouts. All the while engaged in business, I realize myself in a completely different field, not in the sport. I maximalist in life! Therefore, if something is done, is done with maximum quality, I try to achieve the best result. Devote all his time to the cause. Time for training did not exist. In short, make money.

J. M .: Does this mean that you do not come back in the arm sport?
AL .:
Training resumed two weeks ago. In principle, two years without training form I still quite good. Managed to keep the basic weight below a certain minimum fell. The final decision on the resumption of sports career did not take. Again, not enough time to exercise, and if returned, then returned the same Liliev.

J. M .: If you are still “sozreesh” return, accept the participation in the tournament A1, which will take you back home – in Vladikavkaz? How do you evaluate the athletes who participated in this tournament last year?
A. L .:
If A1 tournament was held in a different city, you will not be performed 100%. And so all kept asking if I would fight. But at the same time make the house – a great responsibility. Here I am the champion! Very scary do not meet the expectations of fans. But if you still decide to act, it will be bad for everyone. In principle, except Chaffee composition painfully familiar, fought and won at all. Therefore, the training will be as always. As when he was a child, the absolute champion Ruslan armsportu Kokoyev told me: “You must be strong enough to not think about how to fight your opponent!”. In general, as soon as he stopped fighting, training of other athletes did not even think.


In conclusion I would like to say a few words about the state of the Russian armsport. The results of the Russian championship this year, sad! We dip generation. Go Zoloeva brothers, Ivan Matyushenko fight finishes, and we get a Russian team without a leader in the men’s team. Perhaps only Cherkasov may show consistently high results. And given that this year will be back many athletes disqualified, the picture is not happy. In my time in the Russian team was guaranteed 4-5 gold medals, and now first numbers are candidates for master of sports, which limit – 6-7-th place. Pleases only Alexander Filimonov, the president of our association armsport which leaps and bounds moving arm sport in the Paralympic Games. We wish him good luck and success!

We, in turn, we hope that Arsene will return to the arm sport to shake up the situation, to fight the champions of the two years that he was away.

Author: Julia Khozyainova

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Khadzimurat Zoloev & Arsen Liliev, young versions, teenagers │ Image Source: Арсен Лилиев – ArmWrestling
Arsen Liliev young, teenager
Arsen Liliev young, teenager
Arsen Liliev young, teenager
Arsen Liliev, Khadzimurat Zoloev, Roman Filippov
Arsen Liliev
Bob Brown & Arsen Liliev
Arsen Liliev & John Brzenk in Turkey
John Brzenk, Engin Terzi, Arsen Liliev in Turkey
Arsen Liliev – European Armwrestling Champion, Turkey
Arsen Liliev – Nemiroff / Zloty Tur Champion, Poland
Arsen Liliev at the Russian Nationals 2012
Denis Cyplenkov vs. Arsen Liliev, Russian Nationals 2012

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