POLL: Double Buckle Strap: Gashevski – Larratt, ARMWRESTLING NEEDS TO BE FAIR, 3 VIDEOS

Double Buckle Strap / Two Buckle Strap / 2 Buckle Strap / The Answer, Gashevski – Larratt │ Collage made by XSportNews using images from the videos

I was very happy to see that after Devon Larratt made The Fairer Strap video in 2014, it was also implemented in the same year ► The Fairer Strap at 36th World Armwrestling Championships 2014 (WAF). I can only hope it will happen the same with this Double Buckle Strap / Two Buckle Strap / 2 Buckle Strap.

The real problem we have in Armwrestling is that the armwrestler who has the buckle on his hand has a disadvantage, it is not fair. It is fun to watch how at some tournaments where armwrestlers can pick a side of the table, most pullers rush to the table in order to get the good side of the table, where you don’t have the buckle on your hand.

Cvetan Gashevski was the first one who made and used this Double Buckle Strap at his own tournaments in Bulgaria.

At X-Men Armwrestling London 2015, during the right hand final Cvetan Gashevski asked Craig Sanders if he wants to pull using his Double Buckle Strap. Craig Sanders accepted and won the match (fast hit, from what I remember), although it was the first time for him using this Double Buckle Strap.

I remember that Devon Larratt commented it is a great strap after he saw VIDEO: Gashevski Double Buckle Strap at X-MEN ARMWRESTLING LONDON 2015. This year Devon made his own versions of the Double Buckle Strap (watch the videos below the POLL). Devon gave a cool name to his strap: “the answer – fair, even and fast.

The first one was named Gashevski “Double Fair” strap.

I prefer to describe this type of strap like what it is: Double Buckle Strap / Two Buckle Strap / 2 Buckle Strap.

The objection some pullers will probably raise to this Double Buckle Strap is that it takes longer to attach it to the hands, but I believe that after some practice 2 referees can strap the hands even faster than with the normal strap with one buckle.

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