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POLL: If Denis Cyplenkov wins ARMFIGHT 50, should he be included in the armwrestling rankings ?

Denis Cyplenkov, Andrey Pushkar, Devon Larratt - ARMFIGHT 50
Denis Cyplenkov, Andrey Pushkar, Devon Larratt – ARMFIGHT 50


The WORLD ARMWRESTLING RANKINGS by Experts were criticized many times because they are not objective rankings or points based rankings like in tennis.

As I explained before, it’s very hard to make points based rankings in armwrestling, because some top armwrestlers don’t compete very often.

And we have to keep in mind that on 11 July 2018, Dmitry Trubin was removed from the left hand rankings, after his left hand losses from ZG STRONG 2018. So sometimes if you compete more you also risk going down or even being removed from the rankings.

Now talking about Denis Cyplenkov, he competed last time on 22 July 2016 at ARMFIGHT #46 VENDETTA, when he won vs. Michael Todd.

So Denis will now compete after a break of more than 2 years… And considering that he also had some health problems last year, it would be simply amazing if he wins vs. Devon Larratt – left hand or vs. Andrey Pushkar – right hand

But the question remains: is it fair to include Denis Cyplenkov in the rankings if he wins left or right hand at ARMFIGHT 50 ?

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You can vote who will win in these polls ► POLLS, VIDEO: Denis Cyplenkov, Andrey Pushkar, Devon Larratt, ARMFIGHT #50 Vendetta

(right now the favorite seems to be Denis Cyplenkov -right hand vs. Andrey Pushkar, and Devon Larratt -left hand vs. Denis Cyplenkov)

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