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POLL: The most interesting possible Armfight at Zloty Tur 2017

Zloty Tur 2017, Armfight 48
Zloty Tur 2017, Armfight 48

As announced before,  should take place this year during .

UPDATE: 2 days ago Tim Bresnan vs. Genadi Kvikvinia (right hand) was on the last place. Now it is on the first place. What happened: some popular armwrestling pages from Georgia started sharing the poll 24 hours ago, Genadi Kvikvinia commented in the comment section, and this is how the magic happened. It’s nothing wrong, this just proves the power of unity. 🙂

Please vote in the poll which matches you want to see the most (you can choose multiple answers): Denis Cyplenkov vs. Devon Larratt (right hand), Oleg Zhokh vs. Devon Larratt (left hand), Andrey Pushkar vs. Michael Todd (right hand), Dmitry Trubin vs. Dave Chaffee (right hand), Tim Bresnan vs. Genadi Kvikvinia (right hand), Sasho Andreev vs. Rustam Babayev (right hand), Sasho Andreev vs. Khadzimurat Zoloev (right hand), Sasho Andreev vs. Ermes Gasparini (right hand).

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The most interesting possible Armfight match

This poll was inspired by the poll made by Армрестлинг главная / Armwrestling / Армспорт.

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