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RESULTS: John Brzenk Cup 2012

Leonard Harkless –

” 1st Annual John Brzenk Cup Armwrestling Championship
Cheers to You – Salt Lake City, UT – November 17, 2012
Tournament Director – Bob Brown
Novice Left 0-154: Jake Cleveland/ Alex Bossert
Novice Left 177-198: Jim Royal/ Robin Chandler/ Victor Gonzales
Novice Left 199-242: Riley Smith/ Jeremy Archuleta/ John Shipes/ Robin Chandler
Novice Left 199+: Michael Bluth
Novice Right 0-154: Jake Cleveland/ Steve Wing/ Alex Bossert
Novice Right 155-176: Jim Royal/ Clint Chadwick/ Robin Chandler/ Victor Gonzales
Novice Right 199-242: Riley Smith/ Jeremy Archuleta/ Robin Chandler/ Arian Takolian
Novice Right 243+: Michael Bluth/ Jeremy Kirk
Open Left 0-154: Chris Phillips/ Cody Lawrence/ Jake Clevedland/ Alex Bossert
Open Left 155-176: Corey Miller/ Cody Hadley/ Darren Wartena/ Jess Hurley
Open Left 177-198: George Weaver/ Shawn Carlin/ Mo Lewis/ Ryan Holding
Open Left 199-242: Lance Wolfley/ Robert Baxter
Open Left 243+: Michael Bluth/ Shawn McEntire/ Lance Wolfley/ Chris McEntire
Ladies Right 0-143: Angela Miller/ Michelle Smart
Ladies Right 144+: April Olson/ Angela Miller/ Michelle Smart
Open Right 0-154: Chris Phillips/ Cody Lawrence/ Cache Kennington
Open Right 155-176: Corey Miller/ Bob Brown/ Darren Wartena/ Keenan Magoon
Open Right 177-198: Justin Green/ George Weaver/ Spencer Graves/ Mo Lewis
Open Right 199-242: Robert Baxter/ Lance Woelfley
Open Right 243+: Robert Baxter/ Shawn McEntire/ Michael Bluth/ JD Howard
Best Sportsmanship Award: Jake Cleveland

Great event
Custom 34oz. mugs given 1st to 3rd place in all classes. John Brzenk autographed alot of them.
Thanks for a great event Bob & Tracy! “

Source: Leonard Harkless –


2012 John Brzenk Cup mug

2012 John Brzenk Cup mug │ Source: Shawn McEntire – John Brzenk Cup ” Cool looking awards! ” │ Haylo Jugler Tattooartist ” I designed them “

John Brzenk Cup 2012, November 17 – Mug │ Source: Spencer Wood ” These were the awards yesterday at the John Brzenk cup tournament!!! Love them!!! “

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