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RESULTS: Lotoshino 2015 │ VIDEOS, PHOTOS

Alexey Semerenko Roman FilippovVadim Akperov, Alexander Bulenkov and many others competed in Lotoshino 2015 – Armwrestling Championship. See the results, videos and photos below.

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” 23 – 25 January 2015 at the Cultural and Sports Center “Lotoshino” passed XII to account Open Cup rn Lotoshino Armwrestling memory Carl Hamilton, a member of the private security service, who died while on duty, an active promoter of a healthy lifestyle, a regular participant and multiple winner of sports competitions in various sports in Lotoshinsky area and the Moscow region. Each year, the tournament host family Carl Hamilton. At this time, attended by his mother, a widow and a brother.

The organizer of the tournament in the first year of realization – a former police officer, a famous athlete, coach armsport Lotoshinskogo area “Lotoshinsky bears” Viktor Gromov.General sponsor of the tournament CB “Alta-Bank” (CJSC).

In the organization of the tournament was attended by administration Lotoshinskogo municipal and urban settlements Lotoshino. In the bright scenario, lovely decorated with splashes of precise execution of concert numbers shown lotoshintsam their favorite dancers from Tver (show-ballet “Fantasy”, which in the old days, photographers would spend the entire film prior to the event), clearly felt creative solutions Nina Nikolaevna Lisyutina and chapters rn Lotoshino, has consistently supported the tournament Valeriy Viktorovich Molyarova. Song contribution to the high spirits of participants and spectators have the best singer of the Moscow region police Valentina Maslova and Mary Bobrov.

First tournament in memory of Carl Hamilton took place in 2004. Then he was district. Immediately these events have established themselves as one of the best in Russia, largely due to the excellent organization and friendly atmosphere and the prize pool.

In 2010, the tournament officially becomes all the Russias, and in fact international. In the year to come Lotoshinsky rukobortsev athletes not only from St. Petersburg, North Ossetia and other regions of Russia, but also armrestlerov from Azerbaijan, Turkey, Belarus and Lithuania. It was an interesting quantity and quality of athletes tournament.

Every year the popularity of the tournament, participation in it becomes prestigious. Not randomly from year to year, all wider geography represented in the tournament area, more famous athletes stated that they wish to participate in it. A win is becoming harder and harder.

At this time, the tournament brought together athletes from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Moscow Region, first appears a separate command armrestlerov private security MVD (Moscow Region), Khanty-Mansiysk, Tver, Yaroslavl, Tambov, Smolensk, Tula, Bryansk, Kaluga, Orel, Ivanovo and Rostov regions, the Republic of Sakha-Yakutia, Udmurtia, North Ossetia, Bashkortostan. Teams came from Yekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, Krasnodar region, Kaliningrad. Despite international difficulties, the tournament bestowed great athletes from Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus. Attended by 92 sportsmen (a third more than last year) and 27 teams. The tournament for the team of the Moscow region were four Lotoshinsky Athlete: Edward Boldyrev, Denis Gur’yanov, Sergei Fedotov Yevgeny Fedotov. Lotoshintsy also included in the composition of the judging panel.

Among the contestants were many champions of Russia, Europe and the world. It is also important that the arm sport is open to people with disabilities. The last tournament to prove it – serious illnesses of its individual participants allowed them to perform on par with the others, and even better than many. What arm wrestling for all ages, clearly showed champions veterans, not just stacked on the pads hands flowering guys.

The solemn opening ceremony was attended by the first deputy head of the municipal district Lotoshinskogo NV Solonet, head of the urban settlement Lotoshino V.V.Molyarov, heads OMVD of Volokolamsk and Lotoshinskogo regions, representatives of the capital management of private security and Arm Wrestling Federation. Nikolai Solonet applause announced the peace of a thank you letter, addressed to the head of the district Lotoshinskogo Catherine Dolgasovoy longtime colleague Youth and Sports chairman of the Federation of Armwrestling Lotoshinskogo District Viktor Gromov. Valery molars by understanding the audience laugh-lotoshintsev prepodnёs ageless hall table-talk about the monument arm wrestlers in Novolotoshino. Deputy of the Moscow Regional Duma good friend Lotoshinskogo District Alexander P. Galdin (CPRF) specifically for the tournament brought in elegant noble chests memorable cups Mosobldumy. They were presented to the winners with certificates, medals and cash prizes unchanged. One can only admire the skill Victor Gromov in the most difficult times to convince patrons of the need to shell out not only for the tournament, but also in the prize pool. A general sponsor of the tournament was CB “Alta-Bank” (CJSC).

Arrival of participants began on Friday, but then began weighing the participants. It is in the arm wrestling is very important because when a draw fights the winner is a lighter (within weight category) opponent. Same weekend were two days of tense competition. They really found the best among the best (most participants biography is full of high-titles).

On Saturday in the preliminaries, semifinal and final matches have met men and women. Men showed a strength of the left hand, and the women left and right hands. This day has been played and the absolute primacy among Shes women.

On Sunday, the audience could see exciting fights of men in the Open category, as well as preliminary, semifinal and final matches on the right hand men.

Prizes were individually Championship 27000, 22000 and 16000 rubles for the first, second and third place respectively. In the first place in the “absolyutke” for left and right hand was supposed to 37000 rubles for second place – 22,000 rubles for the third place – 16,000 rubles. In addition, cash prizes were given for the victory in the team competition. For I place – 30,000 rubles for the II place – 25,000 rubles for the III place – 20,000 rubles.

Recall that the general sponsor of the tournament was CB “Alta-Bank” (CJSC).

The winners in I, II, III place in the Nordic combined were awarded immediately medals, diplomas and prizes. Participants who took 4th place, were awarded valuable gifts. Handed and special diplomas. Special sympathy of spectators and organizers brought the young mother world-class athlete Alexander Efimov.

So, get acquainted with the winners of the tournament:

Team Championship

1st place – Moscow (colorful Muscovite Alina Samoth obviously became the most powerful women in the team competition effectively supported not only by the team charming girlfriend Irina smooth, but also men of Muscovites “heavy” categories. “Alina reminded many viewers recently shine on the European and world championships athlete excellent Lotoshinsky I.Burmistrovu).

2nd place – Moscow region (points won by lotoshintsami Boldyrev and Gurianov helped numerous teams suburbs hold “silver” in the overall standings).

3rd place – Ukraine.

4th place – St. Petersburg.

5th place – Khanty-Mansiysk.

6th place – Tula region.

7th place – Udmurtia.

8 place – Ivanovo region.

9th place – Krasnoyarsk.

10-11 place – Bryansk region, Kaliningrad.

12-14 place – Yaroslavl region, Sakha-Yakutia, Ekaterinburg.

15-17 place – Smolensk Oblast, Kaluga Region, Krasnodar Territory

18- 27 places – Tambov, Orel, Rostov region, Tver region, Bashkortostan, MVD (Moscow Region), Lithuania, Belarus, North Ossetia.

Note that a number of teams, shutting the tournament ladder, had excellent athletes, but they were few and the team because the team victory was initially inaccessible to them. Even the star, but a small team of Ukraine with powerful heavyweight Semirenko and honored master of sports Ilyushin was able to catch only for the third step of the podium, but shone in the individual competitions.

Up to 60 kg (9 people attended)

1st place – Rabinovich Konstantin (Moscow Region) – 34 points.

2nd place – the sun Anton (Khanty-Mansiysk) – 34 points.

3rd place – Eugene Eremin (Moscow) – 28 points.

Sergey Fedotov (Moscow region, Lotoshino) finished seventh.

World champion Konstantin Rabinovich from Shatura at every tournament wins the smallest two victories – he always wins the hearts of audiences, sincerely sympathetic diminutive athlete on crutches, and shows how the diagnosis of “limited capacity” strong-willed person can turn into a brand “unlimited power”. In Lotoshino Constantine pleased and high dedication, and memorable fights demeanor.

Up to 70 kg (12 people)

1st place – Tovmisyan Michael (Moscow Region) – 42 points.

2nd place – Lasha Abishidze (Moscow) – 30 points.

3rd place – Boldyrev Edward (Moscow region, Lotoshino) – 20 points.

Edward Boldyrev carried in the tournament is not double and triple burden as a judge, a participant and organizer. It was noticeable that for him these days the main success of the tournament, not a personal triumph. Note that the famous Victor Gromov due to managerial burden at all for a long time is not involved in the cup as an athlete.

Up to 80 kg (16 people)

1st place – Ruslan Nabiyev (Udmurtia) – 25 points.

2nd place – Aknerov Vadim (Moscow) – 25 points.

3rd place – Bulenko Alexander (St. Petersburg) – 18 points.

Alexander Bulenko certainly remember the audience not only a red T-shirt and a beautiful struggle, but also colorful ornaments most vocal duels. Such paints wonderful brighten sporting events!

Up to 90 kg (21 people)

1st place – Roman Filippov (Moscow) – 42 points.

2nd place – Musayev Dadash (Moscow) – 42 points.

3rd place – Shevelenko Victor (St. Petersburg) – 12 points.

Up to 100 kg (10 people)

1st place – Puzakov Alexander (Tula region) – 42 points.

2nd place – Denis Mitin (Ivanovo region) – 25 points.

3rd place – Hasnekov George (Krasnoyarsk) – 18 points.

More than 100 kg (7 people)

1st place – Semerenko Alexey (Ukraine) – 50 points.

2nd place – Anton Minaev (Moscow) – 34 points.

3 rd place – Oleg Bronnikov (Moscow Region) – 12 points.

4th place – Guryanov Denis (Moscow region, Lotoshino) – 11 points.

Girls up to 60 kg (6 persons)

1st place – Ilyushin Victoria (Ukraine) – 50 points

2nd place – Alina Volkova (Khanty-Mansiysk) – 34 points

3rd place – Thorium Natalia (St. Petersburg) – 18 points

6th place – Evgeny Fedotov (Moscow region, Lotoshino) – 4 points.

Vic Ilyushin shown in tournament battles not only great skill but also genuine generosity. In addition, in the final, she taught a real master class Alina Volkova, but the best athlete of the tournament called not yourself, your favorite, but A.Samotoy.

Girls over 60 kg (5 people)

1st place – Alina Samoth (Moscow) – 50 points.

2nd place – Smooth Irina (Moscow) – 34 points.

3rd place – Elena Vasileva (St. Petersburg) – 18 points.

Smooth elegant Irina steadfastly tried to resist much more powerful Aline Samoth. In the final, all felt that in this tournament and win this pair Samoth obvious. And Irina still fighting to the last.

Absolute category (left hand).

1st place – Semerenko Alexey (Ukraine).

2nd place – Sergey Sergel (Belarus).

3rd place – Minayeff Anton (Moscow).

Absolute category (right hand).

1st place – Semerenko Alexey (Ukraine).

2nd place – Musiyev Dadash (Moscow).

3rd place – Shevelenko Victor (Saint-Petersburg).

We wish Cup memory Sorokin development, widely recognized in the world. This year was not carried Cup Nemiroff, which is constant and noticeably richer competitor Lotoshinskogo tournament. But winning is not one man alive!

Hopefully, further increase the credibility of our Open Championship, an excellent organization of the event and the perfect work of a remarkable team CSC “Lotoshino” and its conductor Dmitry Alexandrovich Belov will continue to expand the geography of the participants and return to the native land Lotoshinsky athletes. Maybe in 2016 we will again see our Lotoshinsky team in the tournament, and even on the podium ?!

Olesya Kovchik, Andrew Belkovsky.

PS We thank Victor Gromov for quickly providing a full quantitative results of the competition.

Photo XII Open Cup rn Lotoshino Armwrestling memory Carl Hamilton are in the photo gallery on our website. ”

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January 24, 2015 – Fights, XII All-Russian tournament armsportu memory Sorokin.


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Roman Filippov – Warming up, Lotoshino 2015

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