Women’s right open Men 190 – left Men 190 – right Men 190+ left Men 190+ right
1. Jodi Wood Larratt 1. Chris Gobby 1. Chris Gobby 1. Jeff Slater 1. Ian “The Grippler” Carnegie
2. Krystal Terry 2. Alain Piette 2. Alain Piette 2. Allen Ford 2. Allen Ford
3. Melanie Cassidy 3. Joel Goodsell 3. Joel Goodsell 3. Ian “The Grippler” Carnegie 3. Pierrot Mady

Devon Larratt – facebook: ” Overall it was a great day. I was pleased at how the rules we were trying played out over the event. We will continue to push the rules/format/prizes/betting as we continue to run events in the area, hopefully we will pump another one out soon. There were so many matches that were great, but for me, Don Smith vs Mr. GObby was the match of the day. We raised over 200$ for the Richmond firefighters association. Thanks to the Richmond fair for setting us up to run the event. Thanks again to everyone who made the trip, see ya’ll soon

and of course I forget my buddy John Milne, couldn’t have done it without you. “

Andranik Mnatsakanyan – left side, Devon Larratt referee │ Photo Source: Andranik Mnatsakanyan

Andranik Mnatsakanyan – facebook: ” Happy to be back to ARMWRESTLING!
Yesterday I was on my first ArmWrestling competition since I am in Canada.. it was good for me.. I have been missing!

met some string and good guys in Richmond..

Thanks to Devon for organizing this event.

To be honest I was really surprised with the level of respect to Armwrestling as a sport and respecting the rules of it as a sport.. the level was too low than I was expecting..

Anyways I was not ready to win this competition and I knew that. So if you want to win you have to be STRONG and smart enough and there will be no excuses…

Congratulations to all the winners of this competition.. and see you all guys next time…

BTW.. I’ve got my Gold’s Gym card yesterday and starting training today!

Looking forward to the next competition to pull some string ARMS! “

Armwrestlers, Devon Larratt referee – RICHMOND FAIR ARMWRESTLING TOURNAMENT, 21 September 2013 │ Photo Source: Andranik Mnatsakanyan

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