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Robert Drenk: UAL will no longer pay non contracted athletes

Robert Drenk │ Image Source: Robert Drenk
Robert Drenk │ Image Source: Robert Drenk

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Robert Drenk – facebook:

UAL will be loyal to loyal athletes, we will no longer pay non contracted athletes. Our payouts will be increased majorly and be paid to UAL athletes ONLY. We will allow non contracted athletes to compete but no cash will be paid unless you are signed. For the signed athletes get ready to be PAID!

Karen Mainard Bean Robert, are you saying that I can come compete in the UAL 7 and if I win, I will receive no prize money unless I am under contract with UAL?

Robert Drenk Yes that’s exactly what I’m saying. Anyone can compete and win a metal but to get “Paid” they must be contracted. We will also be increasing all payouts to try and make it where the UAL pullers can make money not lose money going to events. Why should we “reward” non contracted athletes? I’d rather have less athletes show up and pay the loyal ones.

Ryan Espey So hypothetically… should a non contracted athlete win would his prize go to the next highest placing contracted athlete?

Robert Drenk Ryan Espey no we will simply use it to keep increasing payouts at future events.

Robert Drenk We have non paid contracts and “Paid” contracts the paid ones are earned! The non paid allow you to still earn money during tournaments. I’m just done losing money paying people to enter tournaments with no return…

Travis Berggren What about the affiliated organizations , do they do the same as no pay out for uncontracted pullers Robert Drenk

Robert Drenk Travis Berggren that’s up to them but I think the smart move is not too. The affiliated organizations want as many entries as possible

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IMPORTANT UPDATE ► UAL: Money Payouts for All Athletes, USAF Nationals 2014 ◄

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